Go for broke, PM

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If polls are in­di­ca­tion, it looks like the fed­eral Coali­tion will lose this elec­tion on a ma­jor scale.

Scott Mor­ri­son has noth­ing to lose so why not go for broke? Prom­ise to ditch the Paris de­ba­cle, com­mit to build­ing new baseload power sta­tions (gov­ern­ment-owned to lower en­ergy costs, as we have seen what hap­pens when pri­va­tised), slash un­fair re­new­able sub­si­dies, build new dams to drought proof our great coun­try, es­tab­lish gov­ern­ment-owned banks, slash over­seas aid, cut im­mi­gra­tion and give all of the leftie luvvies’ poli­cies the flick and start over again.

Most Aus­tralians can re­late to all of the above, and if Mr Mor­ri­son has the guts to fight to the death then he will most likely romp in with a large ma­jor­ity.

While he is at it, he could amend our ridicu­lous elec­toral rules so the can­di­date with the most votes wins and not some­one with less votes but who gets all the pref­er­ences.

This will bring democ­racy back into the sys­tem. Charles Munzy, Sin­gle­ton

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