The Daily Telegraph (Sydney) : 2019-02-11

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18 18 MONDAY FEBRUARY 11 2019 DAILYTELEGRAPH.COM.AU MAN WHY DAN’S OUR EXCLUSIVE BW MAGAZINE of screen action star» Triumphant return // DAILYTELEGRAPH.COM.AU // SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 2019 $2.50 WHY KIDS CAN’T JUMP EXCLUSIVE STORYBOOK Only $2.80 withtoday’s P2 paper » DISNEY’S MY MAGICAL STORY SERIES All shirk and no play cuts children’s physical ability FUEL FIASCO IN HARBOUR HORROR of 16.4cm. A separate report low reveals kids have extremely activities levels of “mastery” of outdoor such as throwing, catching, leaping and kicking, with experts at the blaming a rise of screen time expense of free play time. bare The Saturday Telegraph lays kids the physical decline of today’s years compared with those of 30 longterm ago, with experts warning of implications for their health. A major study found children today can’t jump as far as children average were able to in 1985 — by an CLARISSA BYE P7 » EXCLUSIVE skills AUSSIE kids are losing basic a ball, such as jumping, throwing are and even running because they that not getting the free play time was once considered ordinary. ldb FULL REPORT PAGES 4-5 î TELE01Z01MA - V1

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