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De­ci­sion to pre­scribe turned fa­tal


TO­RAN Henry, 19, took his own life just two weeks after a psy­chi­a­trist put him back on an an­tide­pres­sant that had pre­vi­ously caused him se­vere ad­verse re­ac­tions.

When his mother Maria Brad­shaw ob­jected, the psy­chi­a­trist threat­ened to no­tify Child Pro­tec­tive Ser­vices that she was fail­ing to pro­vide med­i­cal care for her child. “And so I felt that I had no choice,” Ms Brad­shaw said.

To­ran was first pre­scribed the drug at 16 when he was up­set be­cause he had bro­ken up with his girl­friend. It made him ag­gres­sive, af­fected his con­cen­tra­tion, he suf­fered sex­ual dys­func­tion, bad dreams, sui­ci­dal thoughts and then self-harmed.

His re­la­tion­ships with his friends were all but de­stroyed dur­ing that pe­riod of time, and he also dropped out of school.

An of­fi­cial re­port into To­ran’s death, kept se­cret from his mother for four years, states the drug was the “prob­a­ble” cause.

“Com­pleted sui­cide is a listed event of flu­ox­e­tine. Causal­ity has been as­sessed as prob­a­ble as it is re­lated to the other events and the pa­tient had pre­vi­ously de­lib­er­ately self harmed prior to flu­ox­e­tine ther­apy be­ing dis­con­tin­ued,” the re­port said.

Ms Brad­shaw be­came home­less after sell­ing her prop­erty to cover the le­gal fees associated with the in­quest into her son’s death in New Zealand.

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