The Free Press (Corowa)

Honouring Anzacs a different way


A spectacula­r display of military vehicles lined Hopefield Rand Road to mark Anzac Day on Sunday, 25.

Owner of Owl’s Eye Rural and Military Museum Neville Smith organised the exhibit which included eight vehicles including a Royal Enfield Military motorbike.

Mr Smith, who is a member of the Khaki Vehicle Enthusiast­s, first started collecting military vehicles around 10 years ago.

“They are a good investment if you’re patient and get them at the right time,” Mr Smith told The Free Press.

Mr Smith was joined by other local military vehicle owners as well as his enthusiast­ic 15-year-old grandson Kyron Smith.

“We started this last year after the Corowa parade was cancelled. Normally we are involved in the parade every year,” Mr Smith said.

“I thought I would have my own Anzac parade out here. Each year we have a donation bucket and any proceeds made go towards a charity like Beyond Blue or Legacy.

“We had few cars stop today, quite a few tooted as they went past so that was alright.”

“We enjoyed a bit of get together with friends and had a barbeque. It’s a good day and it’s our special way of honouring the Anzacs.”

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