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Murrumbidg­ee Primary Health Network (MPHN) is providing locals living in the of Federation Council region an opportunit­y to share their stories about health in an effort to better support the community’s health needs.

MPHN is asking members of the community to share their thoughts on what is important to them about health, and what improvemen­ts could be made, as part of its HNA Community Feedback campaign.

MPHN Acting CEO Julie Redway said the feedback received would help to inform how health needs are met in the region.

“Each year we look at the various sources of informatio­n available to us about the health of our region including data and feedback from community, to help us identify any new or emerging needs for us to consider as we plan our activity for 2021 and beyond,” Ms Redway said.

“We already know what data is telling us about the health needs of the Murrumbidg­ee and it’s important for us to know and understand from locals what people are actually experienci­ng.”

Dr Alison Koschel, Senior Manager Population Health Planning and Data at MPHN, said previous research has highlighte­d a number of health issues relevant to each of these three LGA communitie­s.

“Our Health Needs Assessment in 2018 showed people in the Berrigan LGA had a higher risk of premature deaths in both males and females. There is a higher incidence of lung cancer, and deaths from road traffic and transport injuries. Levels of screening for breast cancer are also well below the state average.” Dr Koschel said.

“For the Federation LGA, the Health Needs Assessment in 2018 showed premature deaths in males higher than the state average, along with deaths from cancer, road traffic/ transport injuries. There is a higher incidence of lung, prostate and bowel cancer in the Federation LGA too.”

“The Greater Hume LGA experience higher rates of premature deaths in females,

a higher rate of deaths from circulator­y diseases and ischaemic heart disease. Melanoma and bowel cancer have a higher incidence rate for the region, and health risk factors include smoking during pregnancy and female smokers generally were also identified in the 2018 Health Needs Assessment.”

“HNA Community Feedback is a great opportunit­y for the people of living in the communitie­s of Berrigan, Federation and Greater Hume Local Government Areas to share their thoughts and views on how we can reduce these risk factors and improve the health of everyone in the community. And the feedback we receive is used to update the health profile for each of these LGAs,” she said.

Locals are encouraged to head to www. to submit their feedback anytime during the month of May.

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 ??  ?? Health authoritie­s are hoping for strong demand for the AstraZenec­a vaccine among those aged 50 and above.
Health authoritie­s are hoping for strong demand for the AstraZenec­a vaccine among those aged 50 and above.

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