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Agents penned an increased yarding with all weights and grades on offer.

There were some very good supplement­ary fed heavy and extra heavy lambs on offer. One major export processor was absent from the usual buying group and the market was $5 to $15 softer.

An average supply of trade weight lambs was available. Light and medium weights sold from $170 to $188/head.

Despite domestic processors all operating across the heavy trade lamb’s prices slipped $10 with processors continuing to secure heavier feeder types.

Heavy trade lambs sold from $172 to $198/ head to average 808c/kg cwt. A very good supply of heavy lambs were on offer slipping $5 selling from $193 to $212/head.

Some excellent finished lambs across the export types were penned with the market slipping $5 to $15. Lambs over 26kg sold from $207 to $240/head.

Light lambs to the processors were in better supply selling from $107 to $179 Lambs going to feed were $10 softer selling from $175 to $202/head.

Merino lambs were $10 to $15 softer with heavy weights selling from $184 to $222/head.

Heavy mutton was $10 to $15 dearer. Heavy Merino ewes reached $226/head and heavy Cross bred ewes sold from $166 to $226/head. Medium weight sheep sold from $166 to $226/ head.

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