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Agents penned a similar size yarding with quality to suit all buying types.

The offering of trade weight lambs increased and the finish improved. After some welcome rain across the supply area, livestock agent’s and restockers were keen to participat­e on lighter lots, with processors having to pay a premium for light lambs. One export processor remained absent from the usual buying group. The market was firm to stronger.

Domestic processors were on the rail keen to participat­e on the good offering of trade lambs with prices jumping $10/head. Light and medium weight lambs sold from $164 to $200 whilst heavy weights sold from $194 to $209/ head to average 861c/kg cwt.

Heavy lambs to the domestic and export processors were well supplied and the quality was very good. Prices lifted $5 for lambs weighing 25 to 26kg selling from $205 to $219/ head. Heavy export type lambs were unchanged selling from $213 to $257/head.

Stronger competitio­n across the increased supply of light lambs resulted in processors paying an additional $4 to $14 with light lambs making from $129 to $172/head.

Restockers paid from $119 to $166/head for light lambs back to the paddock. Merino lambs continue to be well supplied, however, the market was up to $15 softer for heavy lambs selling from $191 to $203/head.

Mutton sold to softer trends. Heavy Merino ewes sold from $152 to $212/head. Heavy Cross bred ewes reached up to $225/head.

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