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He may play the almighty God of Thun­der, but Chris Hemsworth felt like a fan boy when he met the Guardians of the Galaxy on the set of Avengers: In­fin­ity War.

The highly an­tic­i­pated third Avengers film brings to­gether Marvel’s en­tire cin­e­matic uni­verse, pack­ing a 156-minute film with more than two dozen su­per­heroes.

They’ll need all their com­bined pow­ers to stop ga­lac­tic vil­lain Thanos (Josh Brolin) from col­lect­ing all five in­fin­ity stones and de­stroy­ing the uni­verse.

Thor first meets the rag­tag team of Guardians when they pick him up in space.

“There is this in­ter­est­ing con­fu­sion and then fas­ci­na­tion and height­ened ten­sion be­tween all of them be­cause no one knows who the other one is or what they are do­ing. That was so much fun to play, be­cause a lot of us came into this film as big fans of each other’s fran­chises,” Hemsworth says.

“To stand there amongst the Guardians was a bit of fan boy mo­ment for me. It was also kind of nerve-rack­ing as I felt strangely un­com­fort­able and won­dered how I fit into this puz­zle.

“We were able to im­pro­vise a bit and play around with that. It brought out the unique qual­i­ties in all of our char­ac­ters purely from just hav­ing some­one dif­fer­ent in­volved.

“Thor ends up go­ing on a jour­ney sep­a­rately with Rocket and Groot and that be­came such a fun lit­tle dy­namic as well.”

While there are plenty of lighter mo­ments, this is not a comedic ad­ven­ture like Thor:

Rag­narok was for Hemsworth. “(Di­rec­tors) An­thony and Joe (Russo) said that the Thor: Rag­narok Thor prob­a­bly won’t fit in this film,” he says.

“You can af­ford to take big­ger risks and be that wacky and rein­vent the en­tire world to sup­port your ver­sion of the char­ac­ter if it’s your ti­tle film. But if you come into an en­sem­ble, like In­fin­ity War, you need to ad­just and fit into the mould and the tone of that film. And this re­ally is Thor at his best, as Joe and An­thony de­scribed it. This is the most heroic, most venge­ful, pas­sion­ate, driven, com­mit­ted ver­sion of Thor that we’ve seen. So, it was fun to again ex­plore some­thing com­pletely dif­fer­ent.”

Thor lost his beloved and seem­ingly in­de­struc­tible ham­mer, Mjöl­nir, in Rag­narok. So how will he help the Avengers to bat­tle Thanos with­out it?

“We have kind of stripped him back to a point where he no longer has his weapon of choice or the thing that he be­lieves rep­re­sented his power and de­fined him. Ev­ery­thing and every­one im­por­tant in his life has been de­stroyed. So he has quite a fa­tal­is­tic at­ti­tude and gives it all he’s got,” Hemsworth says.

“That seems wildly sui­ci­dal, but he doesn’t see any other op­tion. So that brings out some­thing dif­fer­ent in him again.”

Hemsworth says Thanos is more than your typ­i­cal Marvel vil­lain. If he gets a hold of all five in­fin­ity stones then he will be dif­fi­cult to stop, even with the com­bined forces of the Avengers, Guardians and Doc­tor Strange.

“What I haven’t seen be­fore is this force and this power by one sin­gle in­di­vid­ual. And it’s not only Thanos’ in­tel­lect that man­ages to nav­i­gate his way through this and out­smart us, but just his sheer force and strength is some­thing that none of the Avengers or any­one in the MCU has ever re­ally en­coun­tered be­fore,” he says.

“Even just read­ing the script, I was kind of rac­ing to the end to work out how the hell we were go­ing to beat this guy.”

Avengers: In­fin­ity War opens in cin­e­mas on Wed­nes­day.

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