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Venus turns ret­ro­grade in Oc­to­ber and re­traces the steps she’s taken since early Septem­ber. But that doesn’t mean that we’ll lose the valu­able gains we’ve made. Mat­ters of the heart are never easy to con­trol – and Oc­to­ber will bring an op­por­tu­nity to re­alise how re­silient we’ve be­come. Jupiter’s fi­nal month in Scor­pio calls for faith in emo­tional in­vest­ments and en­cour­ages an ad­ven­tur­ous at­ti­tude as op­por­tu­ni­ties sur­face. It’s good news… both for peo­ple in es­tab­lished re­la­tion­ships, and for those who seek to find one. ARIES MAR 20 — APR 19

We all need se­crets. There’s a rea­son why our hearts are buried deep within our ch­ests. If they were per­ma­nently lo­cated on our sleeves, it would be far too easy to cause them dam­age care­lessly. There’s some­thing you know in your heart of hearts that you’re wary of shar­ing with even your clos­est con­fi­dants. Don’t feel obliged to re­veal more than you need to. But make sure that if you do hold back, it’s for the right rea­sons. Don’t be mo­ti­vated by fear. Clear com­mu­ni­ca­tion will make all the dif­fer­ence this month. Four min­utes on the phone can make Oc­to­ber spe­cial. Call 1900 959 005.

LEO JULY 22 — AUG 22

Space in our cities is at a pre­mium. That’s why sub­ter­ranean build­ing is on the in­crease. It’s eas­ier to add an un­der­ground swim­ming pool to your house than to add one on top. This isn’t of course, the kind of devel­op­ment that most of us will have to over­see with this month! But, in Oc­to­ber, work on your emo­tional foun­da­tions will be valu­able. If you re­assess a sit­u­a­tion from your past cre­atively, you’ll be able to ap­pre­ci­ate what it brought into your life and see how to in­vest what you’ve learnt into cre­at­ing a sus­tain­able hap­pier fu­ture. Don’t miss your in­spir­ing in-depth fore­cast for Oc­to­ber. Call 1900 959 005.


They say “wake up and smell the cof­fee” as if we all need shak­ing out of bliss­ful un­con­scious­ness. As the par­ent of four-year-old early riser, I’d give a lot for a few more hours sleep each morn­ing be­fore the ar­rival of my hu­man alarm clock! This month, as Venus turns ret­ro­grade, you may feel as if you’re stuck in a repet­i­tive dream, from which you need to wake up. Mer­cury’s ac­tiv­ity en­sures you don’t doze through im­por­tant de­tails and can make clear-think­ing de­ci­sions about what you need to do to shake free. Your in-depth fore­cast for the whole of Oc­to­ber can re­ally help. Call 1900 959 005.


Your ruler, Venus, turns ret­ro­grade op­po­site your sign this month, sig­nalling that it’s time to re­assess a re­la­tion­ship and re­fo­cus on its value. That’s cer­tainly not an in­di­ca­tion of the need to bring things to a close. But, with a Full Moon in your sign con­verg­ing with the change-maker Uranus, a shake up (of some sort) is in the air. If you’ve been putting up with an un­sat­is­fac­tory sit­u­a­tion, this is the time to take ac­tion. You owe it to your­self to make your voice heard and ex­plain your own needs. It will be eas­ier than you think. In­spir­ing times await you in Oc­to­ber. Call your NEW fore­cast: 1900 959 005.


Ac­cord­ing to the le­gend, an im­pris­oned Ir­ish Prince was told to kiss a stone by the Celtic god­dess of beauty Clíodhna. The next day, he left Blar­ney Cas­tle and pleaded his case with such elo­quence that he was granted his free­dom. Ever since, peo­ple have trav­elled to kiss the Blar­ney Stone. The Ro­man god­dess of beauty is Venus, and as she slips back­wards this month, your ruler Mer­cury, who gov­erns com­mu­ni­ca­tion and in­tel­li­gence, is on hand to re­ceive her wis­dom. You can find a way to achieve even things that seem im­pos­si­ble. Your in-depth fore­cast for Oc­to­ber is ready. Call 1900 959 005.


Does so­cial me­dia hold the key to the fu­ture of hu­man re­la­tion­ships? Net­work­ing sites were thought to be the new cof­fee lounges, or pubs, where friends min­gle and re­la­tion­ships blos­som. But although a real life barista might re­mem­ber how you take your tea, you don’t ex­pect your fi­nan­cial de­tails to be kept. In Oc­to­ber, if an as­pect of your life seems more dystopian than utopian, it might be tempt­ing to re­treat back to the safety of the past. But if you draw on Venus’ cre­ativ­ity, there’s a lot to gain from mak­ing plans for the near fu­ture. Oc­to­ber is a pow­er­ful month for you. Find out more. Call 1900 959 005.


Mike Tyson once re­marked that “every­body has a plan un­til they get punched”. I’m cer­tainly not ad­vo­cat­ing vi­o­lence of any de­scrip­tion. Nor am I en­dors­ing a for­mer heavy­weight box­ing cham­pion as a self-help guru, but, as your ruler changes signs twice in Oc­to­ber, even if it’s not “punches” that need to be rolled with, it’s go­ing to be help­ful if you can stay quick on your feet and ready to adapt to any­thing that life throws at you. When you have de­vel­oped ro­bust strate­gies, they’re well worth de­fend­ing. Your ideas are wor­thy of re­spect. Be ready for the magic on of­fer to you in Oc­to­ber. Call 1900 959 005.

LI­BRA SEP 23 — OCT 22

Just be­cause the Sun’s in Li­bra for most of Oc­to­ber doesn’t mean you can have ev­ery­thing your own way. But then, when do you ever? And ac­tu­ally, when do you want that? Even when things are go­ing well for you, you’re un­com­fort­able when you see other peo­ple still strug­gling. But you don’t need to sac­ri­fice your own hap­pi­ness just to make life fairer. As Venus turns ret­ro­grade, it brings an op­por­tu­nity to take a look at your fi­nan­cial well­be­ing. This is a valu­able process as you may well find that your fi­nances can stretch and en­able oth­ers, as well as you. Dis­cover why Oc­to­ber has so many op­por­tu­ni­ties. Call 1900 959 005.


In the movie, All The Money In The World, bil­lion­aire John Paul Getty is asked how much money would make him feel com­fort­able. His an­swer is sim­ply “more”. More re­cently, a chair de­signer was asked which of their cre­ations was the most com­fort­able. ‘The next one’ was the re­ply. It seems that we hu­mans are hard to sat­isfy and al­ways look­ing for im­prove­ments. In Oc­to­ber, you may feel un­sat­is­fied with a re­cent suc­cess and seek ways to make ad­just­ments. You won’t achieve per­fec­tion, but you can make valu­able im­prove­ments. In Oc­to­ber, the power of the plan­ets can change your life. Call 1900 959 005.


A while ago I was at an event hosted by the leg­endary pro­ducer Joe Boyd - the man who mixed the sound on the night Bob Dy­lan shocked his fans by play­ing elec­tric mu­sic. Joe ex­plained how the pre­vi­ous night, with great jazz pi­o­neers on the bill, the cool kids in the crowd were dream­ing about be­com­ing jazz masters. Then, when Bob picked up an elec­tric gui­tar, many of them wanted to be­come a rock star. In Oc­to­ber, if you re-eval­u­ate what you think it means to be cre­ative, your in­flu­ence can rein­vig­o­rate and in­spire. Oc­to­ber brings a rare cos­mic op­por­tu­nity for change. Call 1900 959 005.


When Venus en­ters a sign, she blesses its na­tives with in­creased cre­ativ­ity and im­proved love and fi­nan­cial prospects. So what hap­pens when she takes a look around and de­cides to turn back on her heels and move back­wards? Do we feel left in the lurch? Ac­tu­ally, Venus’ move­ment through your sign this month won’t re­sem­ble re­jec­tion. It brings an op­por­tu­nity to use her re­sources with sub­tle skill, so that you can fix some mis­takes and make some amends. It’s a time to heal re­la­tion­ships and en­joy the fruits of good com­pany. There is in­spir­ing news in your in­depth Oc­to­ber fore­cast. Call 1900 959 005.


Travers­ing moun­tain­ous re­gions by car is chal­leng­ing. The twist­ing and turn­ing of the roads can make you gasp. With the ar­rival of dy­na­mite, we found ways to tun­nel un­der the peaks al­low­ing us speed­ier pas­sage, but rob­bing us of the vis­tas. When we climb great heights, it’s only when we turn back­wards that we can see how far we’ve come and ap­pre­ci­ate the view. As Venus turns ret­ro­grade this month, and Mer­cury con­verges with Jupiter, look for the value in the big­ger pic­ture. It makes it worth trav­el­ling an ex­tra mile or two. Oc­to­ber brings great po­ten­tial for change. Call 1900 959 005.

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