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How much pre­cious time are you pre­pared to in­vest in a project that de­pends al­most en­tirely on your en­ergy? Even though your ruler, in your sign, is be­stow­ing you with verve, it makes sense to stop dig­ging when you feel as if you’re in a hole. And it makes even more sense if you have a metaphor­i­cal steplad­der at hand and can eas­ily make your way to more re­li­able ground. There will be no sur­prises to be found in the fa­mil­iar­i­ties of your life this week. But un­ex­plored ter­ri­tory holds po­ten­tial pos­i­tive de­lights. Good news, your 2019 fore­cast is ready! Call 1900 959 005.


Al­though you’re not alone, you’re feel­ing iso­lated in one as­pect of your life. Even though you have key peo­ple with whom you talk, it seems there’s one par­tic­u­larly heavy bur­den that you can’t put down, or (more im­por­tantly) share. This week, the quiet cos­mic cli­mate brings the chance to lean the weight of your prob­lems against a wall. If you can dis­trib­ute your load dif­fer­ently, you’ll find enough space to fig­ure out a bet­ter way to con­tinue. Your prob­lems won’t dis­ap­pear this week, but you’ll find a re­source­ful way of cop­ing. It’s go­ing to be a much bet­ter year than you think. Call 1900 959 005.


We’re sur­rounded by great feats of en­gi­neer­ing that date back over the mil­len­nia. From pyra­mids to pan­theons, hid­den pil­lars are silently and thank­lessly hold­ing great build­ings in place. We hardly even no­tice these struc­tures un­til they weaken. In a sim­i­lar way, your work and com­mit­ment to an en­ter­prise, al­though essen­tial to its well be­ing, has been over­looked and taken for granted. Yet, you can feel justly proud of the key role you play. This week, you’ll fi­nally re­ceive some well-de­served recog­ni­tion for your ef­forts. Good news, your 2019 fore­cast is ready! Call 1900 959 005.


Rather than wast­ing your pre­cious time com­pos­ing a men­tal list of all the fac­tors which seem to be pre­vent­ing you from do­ing what you re­ally want to do, this week brings a cos­mic re­minder that frus­tra­tions are in­evitable. There will al­ways be chal­lenges. No one’s jour­ney is plain sail­ing. While some folk are floored by the small­est ob­sta­cles, you’re blessed with the com­po­sure to work out innovative ways around even the high­est of hur­dles. You just need to tap into your de­ter­mi­na­tion. And the cos­mos is giv­ing you a help­ing hand with that. It’s go­ing to be a much bet­ter year than you think. Call 1900 959 005.

LEO JULY 22 — AUG 22

We of­ten make too much of a deal out of things that don’t re­ally mat­ter, while let­ting crit­i­cal stuff slip by. It’s more ob­vi­ous at this time of year. We’ve moved on from the cel­e­bra­tions and are left facing our res­o­lu­tions, with the mem­o­ries of the changes we wanted to make in our lives, los­ing their vi­tal­ity. Al­though you find your­self pre­oc­cu­pied by some­thing new this week, it’s un­likely to stay around. Keep your sense of per­spec­tive and you’ll see what gifts it brings; which can mo­ti­vate you to change what needs chang­ing. Good news, your 2019 fore­cast is ready! Call 900 959 005.


As we move into the new year, you’re be­com­ing aware some­thing crit­i­cal has changed. It’s as if a flag has been hoisted, a draw­bridge put down, an im­por­tant de­ci­sion reached. Yet it’s al­most im­per­cep­ti­ble. Even if it seems as if noth­ing has al­tered in your outer world, the shift is fun­da­men­tal and will guide you through the year. It’s the in­ner re­al­i­sa­tion you owe it to your­self to fol­low your heart. If you’re not happy with your life, how can you hope to help any­one else en­joy theirs? Con­sider your own needs this week. It’s go­ing to be a much bet­ter year than you think. Call 1900 959 005.

LI­BRA SEP 23 — OCT 22

Ve­hi­cles trav­el­ling at speed take a long time to come to a standstill. In the mo­ment be­tween hit­ting the brakes and be­ing stationary, a large dis­tance is cov­ered. Our per­cep­tion of speed is rel­a­tive. If you’re look­ing at a train ap­proach­ing a sta­tion, it’s not easy to tell if it’s go­ing to ac­cel­er­ate past, or slow to a stop. Now that the frenzy of the fes­tive sea­son is be­hind you, it feels as if you’ve lost mo­men­tum. Yet, if you take a mo­ment to as­sim­i­late all that has oc­curred, and all you’re hop­ing for, you’ll know at what speed to pro­ceed. Good news, your 2019 fore­cast is ready! Call 1900 959 005.


Where’s your wand when you need it? Why do you have to strug­gle when an au­to­matic puff of magic could sort ev­ery­thing out in an in­stant? Good ques­tion. It’s sim­i­lar to be­ing hun­gry be­fore go­ing out to eat. You won’t ap­pre­ci­ate what’s be­ing of­fered un­less you’ve recog­nised your hunger. Al­though you’re grow­ing aware of an un­ful­filled dream, there seems to be lit­tle you can do when you’re still un­der such a great deal of pres­sure. The cos­mic mes­sage in­di­cates your pa­tience will pay off. Things are about to start mov­ing. It’s go­ing to be a much bet­ter year than you think. Call 1900 959 005.


Fairy­tale end­ings have a lot to an­swer for. “And they all lived hap­pily ever after” might be the words you’d like to use about a cer­tain saga in your own life, but sadly, they can’t be spo­ken with any de­gree of cer­tainty. “Happy ever after” is an as­pi­ra­tion that no one can prom­ise, even your as­trologer. But I can re­port with cer­tainty that the cos­mic signs are hope­ful for an im­prove­ment in a cer­tain chal­leng­ing sit­u­a­tion. With your ruler in your sign, re­cently joined by Venus, some­thing awk­ward ends and some­thing good be­gins. Good news, your 2019 fore­cast is ready! Call 1900 959 005.


You’d like some­thing to be done and dusted. A sit­u­a­tion has been drag­ging on too long. The good news is that your wish will soon be granted. The cos­mic in­di­ca­tions are that a time of un­cer­tainty and con­fu­sion is be­com­ing clearer. Try to keep that in mind when you find your­self jug­gling with metaphor­i­cal new-laid eggs this week. Or at­tempt­ing to cre­ate a wall with blocks of jelly. A sit­u­a­tion is be­com­ing more sta­ble. It just needs more time. All you need do is stay fo­cused, with­out put­ting your­self un­der any more stress. It’s go­ing to be a much bet­ter year than you think. Call 1900 959 005.


When we’re too caught up in the minu­tiae of a sit­u­a­tion, our sense of hu­mour tends to get lost. If you can step back and look at the sce­nario you’re so pas­sion­ate about from a dif­fer­ent per­spec­tive, you might find there’s a lighter side to it (which might even make you smile). First, though, you need to re­lax. And, be­fore you do that, you need to re­as­sure your­self that you’ve done as much as you need to do. Your care is mak­ing things ap­pear more com­pli­cated. You can tap into your less se­ri­ous side this week. Good news, your 2019 fore­cast is ready! Call 1900 959 005.


You can al­ways choose to walk away if that’s what you want to do. No one’s go­ing to force you to con­tinue put­ting your ef­forts into a com­pli­cated sit­u­a­tion. Nor will any­one think any the worse of you if you back off. In fact, some folk are amazed you’ve stayed around for so long. Yet there’s a part of you that wants to stay com­mit­ted, de­spite the chal­lenges. Are you fool­ish to feel such loy­alty? No! As events will show you this week, your sense of hon­our and duty are jus­ti­fied. The in­ner sense of do­ing the “right thing” is price­less. It’s go­ing to be a much bet­ter year than you think. Call 1900 959 005.

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