Four­teen years af­ter his su­per-spy in­car­na­tion got his first out­ing, Matt Da­mon re­turns to his most iconic role in new flick Ja­son Bourne

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Matt Da­mon found it hard to get in shape at the age of 45 for his fourth out­ing as rogue CIA agent Ja­son Bourne. It’s un­der­stand­able con­sid­er­ing he was just 31 when he first played the char­ac­ter in 2002’s The Bourne Iden­tity, and nine years have passed since his last out­ing in The Bourne Ul­ti­ma­tum.

“It was dif­fer­ent com­ing back at 45 years old. You might not have felt the nine years but I def­i­nitely did get­ting ready for it,” Da­mon says. “I was young when I started th­ese things and I’m a lot older now.”

De­spite his ad­vanc­ing years, Da­mon still en­gaged in high­oc­tane ac­tion scenes in the film, in­clud­ing sev­eral bareknuck­led fights, which were care­fully chore­ographed.

“It was a lot of work to get in shape for it but I re­ally liked all the chore­og­ra­phy,” he says.

“It’s a lot more like a dance when you’re do­ing fight chore­og­ra­phy be­cause you both have to be in ex­actly the right place or it doesn’t look right for the cam­era.” With al­most a decade be­tween Ja­son Bourne and The Bourne Ul­ti­ma­tum, di­rec­tor Paul Green­grass has brought the story up-to-date with a plot line around the mod­ern is­sue of cy­ber se­cu­rity, in­flu­enced by the real-life case of US whistle­blower Ed­ward Snow­den.

“We try to make them feel like they’re in the world that we’re all liv­ing in, and the is­sue of pri­vacy ver­sus se­cu­rity is the mas­sive is­sue of our time right now,” Da­mon says.

“That was re­ally not the case 10 years ago and that’s re­ally at the heart of this movie.”

The film’s de­noue­ment takes place dur­ing a tech con­fer­ence in Las Vegas fea­tur­ing a tech wun­derkind (think Mark Zucker­berg) who has struck a se­cret deal with the CIA to share pri­vate in­for­ma­tion.

“The movie doesn’t try to an­swer any of those ques­tions but it does ask the ques­tions and that’s kind of what the whole third act is,” he says.

“At that con­fer­ence they’re ask­ing es­sen­tially that ques­tion: ‘what are we will­ing to trade for our own se­cu­rity’?”

Da­mon’s fond­ness for the char­ac­ter, along with his ad­mi­ra­tion of the film’s re­turn­ing di­rec­tor Green­grass, could bring him back to Bourne again ... but af­ter a break.

“I could def­i­nitely see com­ing back with Paul (Green­grass) if Paul wants to do it but he lit­er­ally just de­liv­ered this movie and he’s rightly on va­ca­tion with his wife and kids right now, so we’ll give him a cou­ple of years to breathe,” he says.

“But ei­ther way (Bourne) will never leave me. Even if they re­booted it with a young ac­tor and just did a whole new take on it, it still rep­re­sents a huge kind of won­der­ful part of my life.”

Da­mon’s co-star, Swedish ac­tress Ali­cia Vikan­der, plays CIA agent Heather Lee with ex­per­tise in com­puter hack­ing.

She doesn’t get in­volved in Da­mon’s bare-knuck­led fight scenes, but it brings her one step closer to ac­tion hero sta­tus.

“She was a huge new el­e­ment for us be­cause she rep­re­sented this whole new arena of war­fare and cy­ber war­fare, and she’s also this in­cred­i­ble young ac­tress and a whole fresh face for the fran­chise,” Da­mon says.

Even Vikan­der was sur­prised to be in­volved in the gritty movie fran­chise although the evo­lu­tion of the movies left space for a mod­ern char­ac­ter like Vikan­der’s.

“I was a big fan of the Ja­son Bourne movies so I was thrilled when I just heard they were go­ing to make a new one and that was be­fore I even knew that there would be a part avail­able for me,” she says.

“When I had a call from Paul Green­grass I was thrilled. I met him for lunch and he told me about this idea and how the world has now changed so much since the last Bourne movie, and how that kind of brings up new is­sues and as­pects for a world where Bourne could be in.” Ja­son Bourne opens to­day

Matt Da­mon as Bourne and Ju­lia Stiles as Nicky Parsons in Ja­son Bourne.

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