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Done prop­erly, par­ent­ing is a heroic act, says the fab­u­lous, goo­gly-eyed de­signer Edna Mode (writer-di­rec­tor Brad Bird) in Incredibles 2.

She’s sym­pa­this­ing with the Sisyphean task Mr In­cred­i­ble (Craig T. Nel­son) has had to shoul­der af­ter his wife Elasti­girl (Holly Hunter) is called away on busi­ness.

Com­pared to the prospect of look­ing af­ter his three chil­dren for a few days, sav­ing the world seems like a piece of cake.

The re­luc­tant, chisel-jawed house hus­band might rea­son­ably ar­gue ex­ten­u­at­ing cir­cum­stances – ea­gle-eyed ob­servers have noted that the news­pa­per Mr In­cred­i­ble was read­ing in the orig­i­nal film was dated May 16, 1962.

But like its 2004 fore­bear, this hotly an­tic­i­pated se­quel un­folds in a par­al­lel uni­verse.

When The Un­der­miner (John Ratzen­berger) lures the fam­ily out of hid­ing – su­per­heroes have been out­lawed for more than a decade — Win­ston Deavor (Bob Odenkirk) seizes his mo­ment.

The smooth-talking head of a gi­ant telecommunications com­pany per­suades Elasti­girl to be his poster girl. Deavor has crunched the num­bers, and Elasti­girl is a good deal more cost-ef­fec­tive than Mr In­cred­i­ble, who tends to rack up a much higher dam­ages bill.

So while Elasti­girl is off halt­ing run­away trains and van­quish­ing hyp­notic, hi-tech vil­lains such as Screenslaver, Mr In­cred­i­ble strug­gles with ba­sic maths and his teenage daugh­ter Vi­o­let’s boy dra­mas.

All of which would have been rou­tinely di­vert­ing were it not for a scene-steal­ing per­for­mance from baby Jack­Jack, whose an­ar­chic, new­ly­dis­cov­ered su­per­pow­ers of­fer an ap­peal­ing, fan­tasy twist on an in­fant’s abil­ity to turn a house­hold up­side down.

Incredibles 2 is a solid enough se­quel, but it doesn’t have the orig­i­nal film’s light, play­ful touch. Incredibles 2 is in cin­e­mas na­tion­wide now

Elasti­girl is back in ac­tion in Incredibles 2.

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