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Sky News is adding former radio presenter Chris Smith to its line-up, but he says he’ll be offering his own spin on what’s in the news


After nearly two decades on radio, presenter Chris Smith is bringing his sharp commentary to Sky News, with new programs set to shake up the station.

The former 4BC Brisbane announcer will anchor three TV news programs, offering a mix of current affairs, opinion and guest panel content starting this month.

“Being a reporter of news in a current-affairs format, it doesn’t give you the platform to form opinions and articulate those,” Chris says.

“Whereas what I did at 2GB and 4BC, that was the first opportunit­y to have an opinion.

“You had to have an opinion, that’s what the mob expect. So I’ve had 18 years of perfecting that.”

His first program, Chris Smith: Inside the News, premiered on Monday night, with a package revealing the generosity of the Australian spirit.

Chris followed a convoy of water tankers as they drove from Sydney to Coonabarab­ran to donate 30 tanks of water to the droughtstr­icken farming community.

The trip was a family affair for Chris, who brought his 14-year-old son along to capture the footage on his drone, GoPro and video camera.

Inside the News will continue for six weeks on Monday nights, before making way for Chris Smith Tonight starting on January 30, and Chris Smith & Friends on February 2.

“Chris Smith Tonight will be a similar genre to Peta Credlin’s program,” Chris says.

“I’ve got a few little programmin­g idiosyncra­sies, and we’ll be decoding some of the most ludicrous quotes of the day, putting it though the BS filter and telling people what they (politician­s) meant to say instead of what they actually said.

“I’ll be going hard on what I believe in and what I want for the country.

“(For Chris Smith & Friends), the format will be similar to Graham Norton’s program. It’ll be an entertaine­r, politician or businessma­n and sportspers­on on every program.

“I don’t want it too serious. I want to see how they go about being successful, (how) they contend with battle scars, when they’ve thought about throwing it all in. It’ll be very emotional.”

Chris says he’ll be making the most of Christmas Day with his family.

“I have two little boys who are twins – they are four – so they are prime Santa Claus apostles at the moment,” Chris says.

“If they’re lucky and they are very good, they might even get their first bicycle this year. I’ve also got two older kids in their teens years so I’ll be seeing them, too.”

Chris Smith: Inside the News airs Monday nights at 7pm on the Sky News channel


 ??  ?? STRONG VIEWS: Chris Smith will join Sky News with three new programs.
STRONG VIEWS: Chris Smith will join Sky News with three new programs.

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