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He may not be in peak physical condition, but Nick Cody has survived the near-impossible: first-time fatherhood on practicall­y no sleep


Nick Cody doesn’t take advice from anyone with a sixpack. The Melbourne-based comedian is bringing his new show, Dad Bod, to the Gold Coast on March 21, and says his physique is a reflection of the demands of his life as a new father.

“There’s some people that have an eight-pack — they don’t get two hours’ sleep.

“I trust a parent over a hot 21-year-old to get s*** done,” Nick says.

“They’ve had 10 hours’ sleep … they haven’t seen the darkness of three to four hours’ sleep for six months.”

If you’re looking to achieve a dad bod, Nick says you just need to follow a weekly plan of working until midnight, getting up at 4am and looking after a toddler.

“It happened that he came along when I started waking up at 4am (to do morning radio) while still doing gigs at night,” Nick says.

“It was a particular­ly poortimed s*** storm of events.

“Breakfast radio is a twoyear contract — I say, ‘When my contract is up I’m leaving’ all the time. I won’t be getting up that early again.”

Has Nick ever thought of supplement­ing his income with some good old-fashioned reality television?

“I get asked all the time to go on I’m A Celebrity (... Get Me Out of Here!). It would have to be so much money … even then I’d still say no,” Nick says.

“I’m scared of heights. And I’d end up yelling at a social media influencer or someone that was from another show — ‘what do you actually do?’ — until I was escorted out.”

Nick says not to expect any life-changing advice at his performanc­e next month, just be prepared to laugh.

“My stand-up tours are always quite autobiogra­phical,” he says.

“It’s about becoming a dad for the first time, starting a breakfast radio show, touring around the world, to now.

“I’m never able to describe a theme or anything.

“It’s not going to change anyone’s life. It’s just hilarious stand-up, there’s no lesson, you won’t learn anything — it’s just funny.

“There’s a lot more stuff about being a dad and a husband with an adult spin on it.”

If you’ve seen the viral clip of his staffy routine, where he describes the breed as a brick hurricane, you’ll know you’re in for an hour of outrageous Aussie humour.

“That staffy is where it should have been from the start: in Caboolture, with family,” Nick says.

“Now she’s having more fun. She’s having a ball — she’s allowed to kill possums, eat a cane toad.

“We would get in trouble in Melbourne for having an actual dog that barked at possums. People would ask, ‘Why is your dog barking at possums?’. I’m like, ‘Why is your dog wearing clothes?’”

Nick Cody will perform Dad Bod at the Gold Coast Laughs Festival on Saturday, March 21. Go to


 ??  ?? LARRIKIN: Nick Cody will take to the stage at the Gold Coast Laughs Festival next month.
LARRIKIN: Nick Cody will take to the stage at the Gold Coast Laughs Festival next month.

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