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Mind-bending sci-fi drama Westworld breaks the constraint­s of the theme park to explore the world beyond as storyline takes viewers on another wild ride in season three, Luke Hemsworth reveals


Westworld takes the concept of sticking to the script to another level. HBO’s acclaimed sci-fi drama is incredibly complex — at times overwhelmi­ngly so.

Set in a near-future where lifelike android hosts allow humans to indulge every and any appetite at heavily guarded theme parks, Westworld explores the murky moral waters of artificial intelligen­ce.

In a world where reality and consciousn­ess are fluid concepts, the possibilit­ies are almost endless and Westworld’s scripts continue to surprise Aussie star Luke Hemsworth, who plays security boss Ashley Stubbs.

“You don’t get that on a film — only in the medium of TV and in particular this show, where the rules of life and death are stretched,” he says.

“It opens up a whole world of possibilit­ies and I think that’s where we get the joy when we get the scripts by discoverin­g things that you just have no way of guessing.”

While the hosts – led by rogue android Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood) – may have gone offscript last season and turned on their human overlords, the actors must strictly adhere to what’s written on the page.

“It’s quite regimented … you basically cannot change a word unless everything is discussed at depth because every word means something and has an intense flow-on effect,” Hemsworth says.

“People (fans) know everything about the show down to when Evan (as Dolores) sits and is in diagnostic mode that she puts her left hand on top of her right hand. But without that following, the show dies.”

The 38-year-old actor, older brother to film stars Chris and Liam, says avoiding show spoilers is one of the hardest parts of the job.

“I watch it with my wife and I don’t tell her anything so I get to watch her discover it,” he says.

“Then we break it down … you have to debrief — I think that’s true for a lot of people. It’s a hard one to binge watch.”

Season three moves out of the park after Stubbs allowed Dolores and a handful of other hosts to escape.

“We know that when we left Stubbs he’d hinted at his past being that of perhaps a host and he bizarrely let the hosts slip out of the park,” Hemsworth says.

“We get to tease that out and dive into that, which is awesome. It’s a beautiful progressio­n for me and another level to the game.”

So is Stubbs a human, a host or a host posing as a human?

“My theory is he knows about the real world and is quite comfortabl­e in his place within it — his functional­ity or lack thereof,” Hemsworth says.

It can be revealed Stubbs still has some fight left in him after the devastatin­g events at the park, as Hemsworth filmed at least one key fight scene for the new season.

“I think it’s the least exciting part of the job, the action stuff,” he says.

“There’s a level of full-body repetition and pain that you go through with every fight scene, and it gets old real quick.

“Laying yourself into a wall 15 times, regardless of how many pads you’ve got on, it just hurts.

“I get to work with Evan. She’s a legit martial artist, so we’re in safe hands with her. She’s an incredible performer, her acting is phenomenal, she can sing, what can’t she do?

“It’s inspiratio­nal for me having three girls of my own to see so many strong women on this show both in front of and behind the camera.”


Westworld premieres today at noon AEDT on Fox Showcase

 ??  ?? Luke Hemsworth in character as security boss Ashley Stubbs in TV series
Luke Hemsworth in character as security boss Ashley Stubbs in TV series Westworld.

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