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‘Not on my watch’, as Langbroek blasts Jones


JOHN-PAUL Langbroek has accused Education Minister Kate Jones of buck passing after she attacked him over the former LNP government’s failed rollout of child protection software for the state’s schools.

“It’s obvious it didn’t happen on my watch,” Mr Langbroek said yesterday. “It’s obvious this is a vindictive action by the minister, attempting to embroil me in this as well.

“It begs the question, is her real concern for the safety of children, as she says, or is it more about politics.”

Ms Jones yesterday called on Deputy Leader of the Opposition Mr Langbroek to come out of hiding to answer questions on the resourcing and governance failures uncovered in Deloitte’s independen­t investigat­ion dating back to September 2013.

Ms Jones said Mr Langbroek had serious questions to answer. But Mr Langbroek said it was Ms Jones who had questions to answer.

“There were six issues that were raised by staff this year since Kate Jones has been part of the Government and it’s obvious the Government is using this as a distractio­n over the Billy Gordon issue,” he said.

“The report itself does not reference me at all.

“It does not reference the ministeria­l office – my ministeria­l office was never advised of these concerns.”

Ms Jones said almost three days had passed since the independen­t investigat­ion into the OneSchool system failure was released.

“Mr Langbroek is clearly ducking for cover,” she said.

“Ironically, the Opposition spokespers­on for Education Tim Mander attacked me for not releasing the report sooner and now no one from the LNP is willing to front and answer questions about decisions they made while in government.”

 ??  ?? Education Minister Kate Jones.
Education Minister Kate Jones.

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