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Re: not born here ... you are a tourist. I am sick of peo­ple like you (LNP vot­ers) who move here for a bet­ter life and then want to chop ev­ery thing down, dig ev­ery thing up and put a build­ing there. How will a ca­ble car ride help peo­ple drive up and down Spring­brook?

I saw a 20-some­thing woman who looked like she went 10 rounds with Cas­sius Clay she had so much bo­tox in her face. Why?

There are al­most al­ways un­ac­cept­able wait­ing times at the two sole Mac­cas and Hun­gry Jacks at Surfers Par­adise .... and a cou­ple more of th­ese highly pop­u­lar af­ford­able food out­lets, would surely be wel­come, es­pe­cially for the young bud­get tourism mar­ket.

I have trav­elled the M1 from He­lensvale to Coolan­gatta at least three times a week for the past 15 years and I am warn­ing all vested in­ter­ests that it, along with its com­muters, is about to im­plode! It’s your night­mare to fix An­nasta­cia. What is your fast- tracked so­lu­tion?

Po­lit­i­cal cor­rect­ness is an in­sult to av­er­age, sen­si­ble funlov­ing Aussies. Only weak, mis­guided mi­nor­ity groups with base­less fears push ridicu­lous rules down our throats. PC should stand for puny ci­ti­zens.

It’s about time peo­ple re­alise that be­ing good or ex­cel­lent at some­thing doesn’t make you a good hu­man, role model. It’s just a bonus if you are. Look­out.

How long does it take for our Feds to wake up that our youth is scream­ing out for Na­tional Ser­vice Train­ing?

Who is the per­son that makes th­ese rules? Vol­un­teers us­ing gen­der-neu­tral terms, kids can’t say Je­sus, no Xmas car­ols blah blah. Who are they? I’d like to meet th­ese peo­ple. And have a lit­tle chat. Why are they so elu­sive. Who is do­ing it?

Re­mem­ber When (GCB 8/1/18). Yes I re­mem­ber when we were scarce of doc­tors. Then the won­der­ful Dr Tom Chal­lenger started up the af­ter hour surg­eries and emer­gency de­part­ments coast wide. Many are now in prac­tices all around the coast in­clud­ing my own won­der­ful doc­tor. A ser­vice that has helped many in dis­tress in the mid­dle of the night.

To gauge how “sex­ist” Australia is as a coun­try ..... we have a “min­is­ter for women” not for “gen­der equal­ity”, just for women.

For those who think Oprah for US Pres­i­dent your mind is very much clouded. Plus where are

all th­ese women voices when it comes to their coun­ter­parts suf­fer­ing in places like Saudi Ara­bia, Iran, Burma etc? Doug.

Could we please have more ar­ti­cles like the one about Al­lambe Memo­rial Park? Very well writ­ten, very en­light­en­ing and very lo­cal. Let’s have more about reg­u­lar lo­cal peo­ple, their jobs be­hind the scenes. Not lo­cal sports, celebri­ties, politi­cians, wannabes, intsafames. Just lo­cal peo­ple, do­ing reg­u­lar or ir­reg­u­lar jobs here on the Coast. Thanks.

Re: gen­der neu­tral games. I can solve it. And the pay gap. Sim­ple. Every­one com­petes in an open field. Men, women and the rest. We’ll see the best in the fi­nals and the win­ner gets the tro­phy. Now, that’s equal­ity.

Want an in­sight into how our Po­lit­i­cally Cor­rect world will look like in the near fu­ture? Watch the 1993 movie De­mo­li­tion Man with Wes­ley Snipes and Sylvester Stal­lone. kamora.

The Com­mon­wealth Games “joke book” is now not to be fol­lowed. Ok to say mates, g’day etc! Who on earth al­lowed this to be pub­lished in the first place? And at what cost? Bloody Amer­i­can­isms! Struth.

Grandpa John, I must agree with you about the shock­ing num­bers of chil­dren locked in cars, drown­ing in pools, get­ting sun­burnt, emer­gency ad­mis­sions, the list goes on. Surely, with all the “bells and whis­tles”, re­quired by law, for every­one else al­lowed around their pre­cious chil­dren, you’d think a ba­sic IQ test wouldn’t be a bad idea be­fore preg­nancy is al­lowed? Long over­due, I’d say. Quee­nie

Stevo, if you want day­light sav­ing go south. Now that’s got to be cheaper than a vote. Bye. Mick.

Ten­nis Australia, stop wast­ing your time on Tomic, give an­other kid a crack, one with re­spect for them­selves and their coun­try. TomA­tor.

One of the main rea­sons they changed the name from global warm­ing to cli­mate change was be­cause peo­ple in­cor­rectly thought the only con­se­quence was warmer weather. Whereas, it ac­tu­ally means ex­tremes of cli­mate - hot­ter sum­mers, colder win­ters, worse droughts, worse floods etc. So any­one who says “it’s never be so cold” ob­vi­ously hasn’t even looked at the af­fir­ma­tive side of the ar­gu­ment.

Mary Cas­sar’s let­ter re­gard­ing park­ing re­stric­tions, un­for­tu­nately th­ese in­stances are not un­com­mon. I needed to get to the Univer­sity hospi­tal for an ap­point­ment, and was ad­vised to drive to Pa­cific Fair, park there, then catch the tram. As the dis­tance is about the same from my home to Pa­cific Fair or the hospi­tal, I chose to drive to the hospi­tal and park there. Ridicu­lous!

Hey Barmy Army ... you are not sing­ing now.

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