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Fan­tas­tic news for drug deal­ers on the 24/7 planned South­port live mu­sic hub.

What a load of BS claim­ing the 12 mil­lion peo­ple took the light rail. Who writes or checks these so called facts. You only have to go on one and see they travel only a quar­ter full at any time apart from the GC600.

Hey Ken Wade I agree with u. La­bor will stuff the state with their lu­natic green sup­port­ers for soft stance on crime. I just hope it hap­pens to one of them - maybe then they will take a strong stance of zero tol­er­ance! PH

The amount of char­ter boats cruis­ing the Broad­wa­ter with 100’s of seag­ulls in tow be­cause the op­er­a­tors stupidly throw food to the dis­ease car­ry­ing birds which is il­le­gal. Those op­er­a­tors are go­ing to feel stupid when our O.S. vis­i­tors re­alise that these aren’t clean birds, and that by hav­ing the birds land on their heads and hands could cause them to be­come sick. The seag­ulls then fly over the mari­nas leav­ing an ugly mess cov­er­ing boats and walk­ways with their drop­pings - and there is an abun­dance of it! Mrs Grum­bleguts

Brumby culling in the Na­tional Parks is just what has to be done to con­trol the pop­u­la­tions of feral beasts. Na­tional Parks are breed­ing grounds for all sorts of prob­lems, bush­fires in­cluded. Just a thought.

Funny how all the peo­ple that are in favour of the light rail are ei­ther blow-ins or live within walk­ing dis­tance of the track. Be­cause any­one that is driv­ing dis­tance away is of no ben­e­fit as you won’t be able to park your car any­where. 4221

Typ­i­cal of the LNP and Prime Min­is­ter Mor­ri­son to make grand an­nounce­ment re­gard­ing light rail stage 3. He is only com­mit­ting one-fifth of the cost while claim­ing 100% of the credit. They pulled the same stunt with the M1 up­grade too with­out com­mit­ting their fair share of the cost. The LNP sim­ply can­not be trusted. Grey

An­other de­vel­op­ment in Palm Beach that ex­ceeds cri­te­ria in the city plan. Can some­body please tell me how many of the cur­rent multi-unit de­vel­op­ments in Palm Beach ac­tu­ally com­ply with the city plan? Law­man. Palm Beach

Why are the sharks in plague pro­por­tions in the Whit­sun­days? Didn’t the gree­nie “cli­mate change” ex­perts tell us that the fish were dy­ing? Hope­fully they are not the so­called sci­en­tific ex­perts Kate Jones is lis­ten­ing to. HR

A big thank you to the fab­u­lous

staff at the South­port TAB/UBET for look­ing after me and help­ing me pick a win­ner on the Mel Cup you guys are fan­tas­tic.

Sure, life is hard but be­ing a sin­gle par­ent, suf­fer­ing from de­pres­sion/anx­i­ety, bad drug ex­pe­ri­ence … the list goes on - why are these ex­cuses trot­ted out in the courts? Ob­vi­ously seek­ing soft sen­tences and putting blame else­where & it seems to be work­ing! Some peo­ple have ex­tremely sad lives but they don’t com­mit crimes … rat­bags do! Kora

With all this road rage around. The pub­lic have a right to be safe. Po­lice must pros­e­cute all in­volved if no one brings a com­plaint and there is CrashCam ev­i­dence of as­sault by ei­ther party.

RE. Brad QAS dude, after be­ing part of that kind of work I can to­tally un­der­stand why he got into a scuf­fle in surfers. The mind doesn‘t for­get hor­ri­ble and emo­tional events that easy, the pub­lic may say he was a naughty boy and he should be kicked out of the ser­vice but I don’t think that for a se­cond. Reg

An­other silly state­ment from those hope­less aca­demic­smost peo­ple will re­tire with close to 90 per cent of their cur­rent in­come? My cur­rent in­come is $1500 a week- pen­sion is $400 a week - how does this makes 90 per cent of my in­come? You’ve lost the plot again!

Katie Milne, Tweed Mayor, = po­lit­i­cal thug­gery at it’s worst - Shezz

Gra­ham, tolls are to re­pay pri­vate in­vest­ment which is what Tom in­vited to help fund such as mas­sive pro­ject!! Traf­fic­man

Please help me!! I would like to have a cof­fee at Broad­beach, with­out shar­ing with dogs! Please ad­vise!! Never had a lot of time for Tweed mayor Katie Milne but with her strong stance on a no to this pro­posed hos­pi­tal site here at Kingscliff gives me a new look. Kings For­est. a far bet­ter choice. tweedie bob.

Saw Tay-tay in con­cert on TV. I re­mem­ber when singers wore clothes.

What a joke - take ice, kill some­one and blame the drug and get off on men­tal grounds at the time, but drive with pot in your sys­tem you get jailed.

Why aren’t drug deal­ers fines based on their earn­ings in­stead of the slap on the wrist penal­ties mag­is­trates hand out, throw an­other zero on the end. It’s only rev­enue rais­ing in re­al­ity so why not make some se­ri­ous money out of the suck­ers? Woodleigh

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