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Aged Care “it’s all about the money honey”. Scomo should look into out­ra­geous fees charged to el­derly and rel­a­tives. And un­due stress caused to all con­cerned … Julz

I never thought that I would see the day - a lawyer who acted eth­i­cally and had a con­science! Now let’s see the Salem Witch-hunt be­gin for Lawyer X who ‘blew the whis­tle’ on crim­i­nals, cor­rupt po­lice, and a cor­rupt so-called “jus­tice” sys­tem which favours crim­i­nals and not vic­tims. HR

It’s go­ing to be hard to re­lease a child from a car seat with­out leav­ing the front seat. Rocket

Thank you Bul­letin! A voice of rea­son in an ocean of glob­al­ist cor­po­rate fake news. Loved the cli­mate change car­toon in Thurs­day’s Chat Room. Re­mem­ber … any­one who says the science is set­tled, doesn’t know how science works. It’s never set­tled. Al­ways open to chal­lenge and cor­rec­tion. TK

Would the bald, tall old codger who squeezed/bruised ev­ery av­o­cado in the bin at Woolies Ash­morePlaza 2 days ago … grow a brain. Stop squeez­ing the av­o­ca­dos!! Livid!!

Re Turn­bull in the me­dia ev­ery day … 92.5 gold FM has a “voice” of him on ra­dio ev­ery day, try­ing to be funny, which is why I have hanged sta­tions. If he’s not given the pub­lic­ity, surely he will go away. Stropp, Robina.

With so many peo­ple on wait­ing lists to see spe­cial­ists in hospi­tal (for which we tax­pay­ers fund the sys­tem with 2% of our in­di­vid­ual in­come fund­ing medi­care) why would La­bor Party and Karen Phelps put more pres­sure on the al­ready strug­gling sys­tem by al­low­ing Medi­care to be abused for po­lit­i­cal rea­sons.

So Coun­cil­lor Gail O’Neil is still call­ing for an in­crease in height lim­its at Green­mount beach even af­ter the Ko­mune 24 storey devel­op­ment was re­jected in court. Talk about a slow learner.

Has any­one thought of the re­tir­ing peo­ple that went through the 17 per cent in­ter­est rates, and now only get 1.5 per cent on the sav­ings? Talk about get­ting ripped off. Put in­ter­est rates up now for our oldies. If you can’t han­dle an­other 2 per cent in­ter­est rise get out now. Busi­ness Man

Re build­ing safety. I trained in UK as car­pen­ter/joiner for 5 years on-site train­ing with an­other trades­man. One day at school/tech/col­lege of build­ing. One night at night school for 5 years! One day ev­ery six

months safety train­ing. All this paid by the firm I was work­ing for. This sys­tem had been in op­er­a­tion for hun­dreds of years. The per­fect way to learn a trade. All ap­pren­tices were treated the same. Now it’s a to­ken ed­u­ca­tion if that. It used to be the ap­pren­tice elec­tri­cian that erected the cable trays un­der su­per­vi­sion of his men­tor. Times change but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Just cost-cut­ting by com­pa­nies. Glyn

There’s a mo bike across the road from me, on its side, dumped, been there all week. I can’t be both­ered call­ing Mo Bikes, and no­body gives the bike a sec­ond look. It’s just seen as lit­ter, garbage.

Candy­man for mayor. Cmon, this is the Gold Coast. We could have a grand en­trance down Smith St and a slip­pery slide on the way out. 24/7 par­ties. Watta ya think Rachel?

Who said young peo­ple have no man­ners..! Young man at Bun­nings yes­ter­day called me Ma’am af­ter an in­ci­dent. On way home, near Nerang Bowls Club, Ma’am again when breath­lalised by young po­lice lady. Watch out! Ma The prob­lem also Glyn is they put their as­sets on their wife’s name. Lots of this go­ing on. Things need to change.

Creepy grandpa and grandma should stop hang­ing out­side gyms perv­ing on peo­ple. Back to the re­tire­ment vil­lage.

Trans­gen­der peo­ple should ac­cept the con­se­quences of their rad­i­cal changes and adapt to over­come them, rather than de­mand the whole world change cen­turies of cus­toms to suit them. GP.

Use­less knowl­edge 101. Chris­tian be­liefs and sym­bols are all Pa­gan, first Chris­tians stole all sym­bols shapes and changed the sys­tem dur­ing Ro­man times. Reg

Why did we have a heat­wave? The avail­abil­ity of ground­wa­ter for eva­po­ra­tion me­di­ates the par­ti­tion of so­lar ra­di­a­tion en­ergy be­tween sen­si­ble and la­tent heat. In drought con­di­tions the bal­ance shifts to­ward sen­si­ble heat. Warmer tem­per­a­tures can im­ply less wa­ter vapour. It was a dry win­ter - so we got a heat­wave. Sim­ples. Higgs, Mudgeer­aba

In­ter­est­ing to see on the ABC it is re­port­ing the cause of the dev­as­tat­ing fires up north was caused by cli­mate change yet the fire­fight­ers/farm­ers on the ground say the cause is the Gov­ern­ment not al­low­ing farm­ers to back burn and land clear to keep un­der­growth un­der con­trol. Percy the Place Punter, South­port

If scroungers want to go through my kerb­side clean-up, take what you want but please have the de­cency to leave the left­overs in a neat pile. Chris, Pim­pama

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