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‘Wild allegation­s’ for Ultra Tune boss


Ultra Tune boss Sean Buckley’s ex has made “wild allegation­s” against him in court.

Jennifer Cruz Cole lodged a late night Supreme Court affidavit on Tuesday with a “great deal of material, including allegation­s” against him. It comes amid a tense battle between the feuding ex lovers over secretly taped conversati­ons, which Ms Cole has been accused of sharing in breach of a court order.

Mr Buckley’s lawyer, John Searle, said on Wednesday the new affidavit was an attempt by Ms Cole to “make wild allegation­s against Mr Buckley and just have them as part of the public record for all to see”.

He said the material had “absolutely no relevance at all” to the case before the court, and called for it to be “taken off the public record”.

Justice John Dixon blocked access to the latest document, stating it wasn’t part of the public record until it was read and relied on in open court.

“If there are objections to the relevance of the material, it might be struck out,” he said.

Ms Cole and the millionair­e – who share a daughter – had an ugly split in December, with court action swiftly following over secretly recorded tapes of private conversati­ons between them. The tapes portray a “violent attack” and could put Mr Buckley’s reputation in “significan­t peril”, a court has heard.

Ms Cole was slapped with an injunction stopping her from sharing the recordings in February. But in a special hearing on Wednesday, she was accused of contempt of court for allegedly sharing the tapes with two people in March, after the injunction.

Justice Dixon said Ms Cole may wish to invoke the “Bart Simpson defence” of ‘I didn’t do it’ ... you didn’t see me do it, it was Milhouse,” Justice Dixon told the court. He’d earlier told her a breach would “bear serious consequenc­es”. It returns to the Supreme Court on June 9.

 ??  ?? Sean Buckley and Jen Cruz Cole.
Sean Buckley and Jen Cruz Cole.

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