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CABLE cars should be left to cold climates.

For a true experience of the Gold Coast Hinterland, people should tread lightly through the rainforest of O’Reilly’s Green Mountains canopy walk, or Skywalk at Mt Tamborine.

This is what many tourists are seeking. We, at the Nerang Visitor Informatio­n Centre deal with them every day. DEREK OGDEN, NERANG THE state government correctly asks the council which private enterprise is interested in such a project as the cableway before they commit to providing funds.

No point Tom Tate spending millions of our money on research if no private business wants to run it.

We had the same problem at the HOTA art gallery; we spend millions on building it then, guess what? No private company wants to run the two restaurant­s.

Why? Because they know they will lose money, so what does council do? Goes ahead and uses our money to furnish out the two restaurant­s.

Can you imagine the council running the cable car system?

Any sensible businessma­n would do research first to ascertain if any private company is interested in such a project.

No, no, the council, they build it then try to find a company without success. And us ratepayers are left once again to foot the bill of a lossmaking project.

Council will spend $500,000 of our money on this. For crying out loud, I like the concept but council or state can’t run it so get feedback from private companies before you spend our $500,000.


NO competitio­n in business is never a good thing and that includes casinos. ROD WATSON, SURFERS PARADISE RON Nightingal­e (GCB, May 11) makes ridiculous claims that transport minister Mark Bailey is responsibl­e for illegal parking.

What is he supposed to do Ron? He is not a traffic warden.

On May 8, Ron claims he cannot find one person willing to work on Saturday or Sunday to deliver flowers to the mothers of the Gold Coast. Ron blames this on the younger generation, claiming: “I blame a generation who are self-centred and believe they are more important than those who made them possible.”

COVID-19 has highlighte­d a dependence on migrant and unskilled workers, to work in farms across Australia, as no local workers could be found.

However, I too am a business owner, but unlike Ron and the many farmers across Australia I can only employ skilled licensed electricia­ns, which limits my search to only a small percentage of the workforce.

Yet I have no problem finding such skilled people, however there is a difference; I am willing to pay a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. It’s a simple and fair system! SHAUN CUNNEEN, MT NATHAN

 ??  ?? A cracking start to the day. Picture: @morninggol­dcoast
A cracking start to the day. Picture: @morninggol­dcoast

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