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THE Gold Coast must balance the needs of preserving its historic buildings with the challenges of developing as a growing city. It’s a fine line to walk when buildings regarded as historic don’t quite make the cut to be heritage-protected.

The old Burleigh Arcade and Cafe DBar at Point Danger are both targeted for developmen­t.

The Burleigh project, which will retain the existing arcade’s facade, has been recommende­d for approval by city council staff.

Both plans have been opposed by activists who argue that, while the new projects tick the boxes legally, are against the character of the area and will irrevocabl­y alter both Coolangatt­a and Burleigh Heads.

It is an important conversati­on given the city has a reputation of having little in the way of living heritage after older buildings were knocked down and replaced.

There are many buildings which should be preserved or retained at least in some form as a link to the past.

That said, opponents pushing specious lines of argument against developmen­ts simply because they don’t like them does nothing to help the cause of preserving valuable history.

Genuinely historic value must be considered with every project but it cannot simply be used as an ill-fitting fig leaf for what ultimately boils down to NIMBY arguments.

They do themselves little good by objecting to virtually every developmen­t no matter how insignific­ant – a renewed focus on specific and important sites would be far more effective.

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