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MP’s tram bias ‘joke and sham’


A GOLD Coast MP’s campaign against the Palm Beach light rail route has been labelled a “sham and a joke” by Transport Minister Mark Bailey.

In his latest clash with Burleigh MP Michael Hart (pictured) on the controvers­ial project, Mr Bailey told Parliament: “Michael Hart says public transport will be obsolete within 10 years. He’s also said there will be no heavy rail connection to the airport. “A massive airport, a massive workforce.

“Yet (LNP Leader David Crisafulli) says nothing. He won’t bring the LNP to heel because Michael Hart dictates transport policy on the Gold Coast and it is a dog’s breakfast.

“It is a sham and a joke.” Outside Parliament Mr Hart told the Bulletin: “Mark Bailey should stop trying to score cheap political points and do his job.

“I wrote to him five weeks ago asking him to personally attend an informatio­n forum for my constituen­ts. He hasn’t replied.”

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