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HOW heartbreak­ing it was to receive the early morning call advising that our dear friend Brian Mossop had passed away.

Brian and Patricia were the restaurant reviewers of this very newspaper and we would all have lunch with them weekly.

This was until recently when Brian was admitted back to hospital and now he is already sadly missed.

Brian stood in as the Bully for the Bulletin’s Bully and The Feast luncheons and it was here we had so much fun and he showed us what a kind and colourful newspaper man he was. His photo is still in the windows of restaurant­s around the Gold Coast and should remain there for all his profession­al work over the years. Until we meet again. Much love our dear friend. LESLEY TYLER, ASHMORE

I GAVE up long ago trying to work out the logic of government­s thinking more highways are the answer to the gridlocks created by more and more suburbs instead of having staggered work hours.

Those who think yet another highway will fix the problem are in in ‘la la land’. Yes there will be more vehicles joining the highway but they don’t all need to clog the highway at the same time. D.J.FRASER, CURRUMBIN

THE current federal budget omits any significan­t contributi­ons to help Australian­s reduce emissions and secure a clean and prosperous future.

The costs to Australia from failing to reach zero emissions by 2035 are astronomic­al. We will watch the demise of our Great Barrier Reef, diverse wildlife and beautiful beaches. Our children will inherit a country ravaged by bushfires and floods.

We must transition to clean energy and transport, and support community behavior change to live and eat sustainabl­y in connection with our natural world.

There is a moral imperative to act but the federal government is failing us.

If the climate is a loser in the budget, then we are all losers. TONY CAVUOTO, PALM BEACH

Vale Brian Mossop, a larrikin with a booming voice, big heart and infectious personalit­y. A wealth of knowledge and connoisseu­r with a gregarious gift of story telling and bubbly banter. JT

Nicole Jane states it’s teachers not doing their job, with kids chroming at school. Parents aren’t doing their job in this instance. Who gets the credit for the majority of great kids doing well in life, the teachers or the parents? Jayar Palmy

The Burleigh Theatre Arcade was rebuilt in the 1970s after the 74 cyclone. I might have to be careful or they may heritage list me for rememberin­g this. Old Local

Tate is only concerned with tourists, how about us rate payers? Fix the bloody roads. Bert

We did a trip around Qld & met a Victorian man doing the same & looking for work on the way. He couldn’t get work anywhere at farms fruit picking or anything. Went through employment places in the towns & direct to farmers. Seems the migrant blow ins are able to be paid less so farmers not at all interested in Aussie labour. Something is very wrong.

With all the COVID-19 transmissi­ons from hotel quarantine it’s unbelievab­le that there’s talk over internatio­nal tourism. Johnbrew

Is anyone else sick of seeing this Danny person all the time on Big Brother. It’s almost like this show has a paid lead actor with a written script. John S, Burleigh

So now we see from the report into recruitmen­t practises at Qld Police, what many of us suspect is happening in many other areas, that merit has dropped in favour of gender. This is what happens when

With the introducti­on of electric scooters, bikes and skateboard­s, most of which are travelling at speeds greater than 25km/h, the most dangerous place for a pedestrian to be ... is walking on a footpath.


there is a hell bent blinkered drive for equal gender numbers in employment. Time to wind back this dangerous practise. It will otherwise ensure bad outcomes. KJ

I recently placed an advertisem­ent on a website in the employment section for someone to clean my home for 4 hours every week. I said I would prefer a female as I think they are better at details. I got a reply saying I was a racist. I decided to pull the ad. Thanks Lyn ... someone has missed out on a job and some good money. The mad rooster

Cr Tozer does not represent us his constituen­ts with his negative attitude. How could he compare mountain bikes to the cableway. He is asleep at the wheel and has done virtually nothing for Division 9. Stan Forgham

To all the grumps taking a hit at the newly opened HOTA gallery; cultural landmarks will always be controvers­ial and won’t appeal to everyone’s palate. The Eiffel Tower remains a landmark despised by many French locals, even 130 years after its constructi­on. But of course we love it because of what it represents to us; Paris! Every city needs dedicated spaces to express and celebrate their culture. Let’s recognise the opportunit­ies here. Will in Burls

Incredibly expensive constructi­on of 6.7km light rail! So many people wondering if Burleigh will ever get a much-needed multi-storey carpark and locals & visitors continuing to ask this. One report said 18 car parks will be lost on Burleigh Hill ... later report said no car parks lost? Won’t all the new high rise here mean even more people looking for car parking? bkm

On learning that COVID positive people lose their sense of smell little Johnny reckons we should throw a stink bomb in a crowded room and anyone left after 10 seconds must have COVID ... effective and cheap for sure. Little Johnny for the Nobel Prize! Doug

Why would NRL clubs chase Milford? He can’t/won’t tackle! Rosco

 ??  ?? Gold Coast skyline silhouette. Picture: Instagram/@mazmoments_photograph­y
Gold Coast skyline silhouette. Picture: Instagram/@mazmoments_photograph­y
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