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RENTAL CRISIS: Vacancy rates are the tightest they’ve ever been, causing landlords to apply rent rises of up to 40 per cent in some parts of the Gold Coast and northern NSW.

Bernd Brauer

We approached the RTA when hit by an inordinate increase, with the owner also refusing to attend to some serious problems in our unit. They did nothing!

Michael Marchant

With record low interest rates, these people are cashing in on the less fortunate.

Kimbra Telfer

Landlords are getting greedy. I am lucky to own my own home outright, but my kids have to start somewhere and at this stage they will be mature adults still at home

Suzanne Corney

Greed has caused the rent hikes, nothing else... Consumer price index has only risen by 2.1%... eg if you property was renting for $300 p/w should have gone up by $6.30

Steve Newton

Lol at everyone calling this greed. It’s basic economics ... it’s supply and demand

Samantha Kelly

Yes shame on them all, my old house went from 240 to 390 for the new people, shame on them all.

Shanon Hopton

Look after people in the area instead of giving them to everyone moving from Victoria.

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