The Gold Coast Bulletin

‘I’m like a proud sister’


LAST year Tania Doko’s friend Tina Arena visited Sweden where they worked on new music with Mattias Lindblom.

Doko has seen Arena perform Church (and another new song, Dancing on Thin Ice), during her latest tour.

“I’m like a proud sister. I’m so immensely proud to be a part of this journey with her, and as a friend I’m so happy to see her soar. She’s such a positive influence on me, she’s helping me divine a new future for myself. What I do and don’t want to do, what will make a difference? She’s a really great role model for that. She’s learnt so many lessons herself, and you can feel the positive energy right now. Being a part of these new Tina songs that will come out bit by bit this year, it’s so life affirming.”

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