Spot­light on na­tive plants

Hor­ti­cul­ture meet­ing post­poned but still a good time to learn about Gympie-friendly plants


GAR­DEN­ERS love rain, but the weather has caused so much havoc this week, to­day’s meet­ing of the Gympie Mu­nic­i­pal Hor­ti­cul­tural So­ci­ety has been post­poned un­til next month.

In the mean­time, Jac­inta Cur­tis, from Na­tives R Us in Trave­ston has pro­vided the re­gion’s greenthumbs with a run­down of what na­tive plants flower at this time of the year.

Jac­inta has clas­si­fied the plants into the cat­e­gories of climbers, ground­cov­ers, small shrubs, medium shrubs, large shrubs and trees.

There are a lot more plants but this list will help you get started.

This is your chance to en­joy gar­den­ing with na­tives for many rea­sons, chief of which they can be grown in the lo­cal area, a at­tract birdlife and re­quire less wa­ter than ex­otic species.


Pan­dorea jas­mi­noides: vig­or­ous, ever­green, frost pro­tec­tion when young, well-drained soil, ad­e­quate sun­light re­quired for good flow­er­ing (white or pale pink) from late spring sum­mer, and glossy dark green leaves.

Pan­dorea Lady Di: masses of white trum­pet shaped flow­ers that ap­pear through­out sum­mer and au­tumn.

Pan­dorea Ruby Belle: clus­ters of small bell-shaped flow­ers in shaded cream to dark pink.

Pan­dorea Snow­bells: masses of snowy white flow­ers from spring to sum­mer with spot flow­ers through to early win­ter.


Brachyscome Coun­try Lights: dark pur­ple flow­ers from spring to sum­mer with spot flow­er­ing through the rest of the year.

Brachyscome Pa­cific Cloud: pro­duc­ing vivid white flow­ers for most of the year. Brachyscome Pa­cific Sky: mix of yellow, lemon and or­ange flow­ers that change colour through­out the year.

Chrysocephalum apic­u­la­tum: flower heads are yellow in colour, spher­i­cal in shape, around 1 cm in di­am­e­ter each, and of­ten borne in clus­ters. Florets are minute.

Dampiera di­ver­si­fo­lia: bright blue to pur­ple-blue flow­ers in spring and sum­mer.

Good­e­nia ovata: yellow flow­ers for most of the year es­pe­cially from Oc­to­ber to March.

Har­den­ber­gia Snow White: pure white sprays of flow­ers from mid-win­ter through spring.

Scaevola Aussie Salute: blue, pur­ple flow­ers from spring to sum­mer.

Scaevola Mauve Clus­ters: fan-shaped laven­der-blue flow­ers that open in spring and last lit­er­ally ages.

Scaevola White Car­pet: small white flow­ers from spring through to sum­mer.

Small shrubs (upto 1m)

Cal­lis­te­mon Cap­tain Cook: large bright red flow­ers in spring and sum­mer.

Prostan­thera Minty: vi­o­let flow­ers through­out spring and early sum­mer.

Thryp­tomene FC Payne: small pale pink flow­ers start­ing in win­ter and con­tin­u­ing through spring.

Westringia Blue Gem: pro­duces amaz­ing bluish-pur­ple flow­ers in spring and reg­u­larly at other times of the year.

Medium Shrubs (upto 3m)

Cal­lis­te­mon Candy Pink: flow­ers with hot pink brushes most of the year.

Cal­lis­te­mon Eureka: bright pink flow­ers in spring.

Cal­lis­te­mon Macarthur: red flow­ers in spring and fall.

Cal­lis­te­mon Pink Alma: flow­ers pro­fusely in spring and in less pro­fu­sion in au­tumn, in un­usual pink-pur­ple shades.

Cal­lis­te­mon Rose Opal: red flow­ers all year.

Cal­lis­te­mon Ta­ree Pink: pink flow­ers from spring to early sum­mer.

Cal­lis­te­mon Wild­fire: bright red flow­ers in spring/au­tumn.

Cal­lis­te­mon Wilder­ness White: white flow­ers mainly in spring.

Cer­atopetalum Al­berys Red: bears lacy-white flow­ers that change to red through­out spring and sum­mer.

Lep­tosper­mum Bur­gundy Queen: deep bur­gundy flow­ers dur­ing win­ter and spring.

Lep­tosper­mum Cardwell: white flow­ers late win­ter to spring.

Lep­tosper­mum Pink Cas­cades:– masses of soft pink flow­ers dur­ing spring and au­tumn.

Large Scrubs (4-5m)

Aca­cia fim­bri­ata: scented yellow flow­ers in spring.

Aca­cia po­da­lyri­ifo­lia: yellow flow­ers in Au­gust, Septem­ber and Oc­to­ber.

Back­hou­sia Myr­ti­fo­lia: creamy white flow­ers in spring.


Brachy­chi­ton ac­er­i­folius: bright red bell-shaped flow­ers in Spring/Sum­mer.

Photo: Con­trib­uted

GREENTHUMBS: Gar­den­ers (from left) Cathy El­liott, Jac­inta Cur­tis and Val Quinn at the Gympie and District Hor­ti­cul­tural So­ci­ety's Septem­ber meet­ing at Bruce and Joy Priddy's Tan­dur prop­erty.

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