Briar Rose Mitts

The graphic, mod­ern colour­work pat­tern on these fin­ger­less mitts was in­spired by ram­bling roses

The Knitter - - Contents - SO­PHIE McKANE

Stranded colour­work mitts

DE­SIGNER SO­PHIE McKane loves to use colour in graphic, un­usual ways, and these mitts dis­play her mod­ern style per­fectly. The colour­work pat­tern in grey and white is lifted by tiny red flow­ers worked in du­pli­cate stitch. The palms are striped, while the thumbs use a checker­board pat­tern. They’re knit­ted in Baa Ram Ewe’s new 4ply yarn, Pip Colour­work, which comes in a choice of 15 shades.


Rnd 1: (K1A, P1B) to end. Re­peat Round 1 for pat­tern.


Us­ing 2.25mm nee­dles and yarn A, and the long-tail cast-on, cast on 48 ( 56: 66) sts. Pm and join to work in the rnd, be­ing care­ful not to twist sts. Rnd 1: (K1A, K1B) to end. Con­tinue in cor­ru­gated rib un­til work mea­sures 3cm, plac­ing a mrk on the fi­nal round after stitch 24 ( 28: 33).


Change to 3.25mm nee­dles. Rnd 1: Beg on stitch 39 of Chart rnd 1 and end­ing on stitch 70 ( 74: 79) be­gin work­ing Chart to mrk, slm, K1B 0 ( 0: 1) times, (K1A, K1B) to end. Note that the yarn C sts on the chart are worked in yarn A while knit­ting, with the yarn C added in du­pli­cate stitch after knit­ting is com­plete. For smaller sizes, any in­com­plete yarn C flow­ers at the end of the round should be omit­ted. Cont to work Chart through to rnd 40. Rnd 41: Work to thumb gus­set, place 19 sts onto waste yarn and hold for thumb, cast on 3 sts in yarn A us­ing the back­wards loop method, work to end. Con­tinue work­ing Chart un­til all rnds are com­plete.


Change to 2.25mm nee­dles. Rnd 1: (K1A, K1B) to end. Work cor­ru­gated rib for 2cm. Cast off loosely in yarn A.


Re­turn 19 thumb sts to 2.25mm nee­dles. With yarn A, leav­ing a 20cm yarn tail, pick up and knit 3 sts from cast-on edge of thumb gus­set, join to work in rnd. 22 sts. Rnd 1: (K1A, K1B) to end. Work cor­ru­gated rib for 1.5cm. Cast off loosely in yarn A.


Work cuff as for Left Mitt.


Change to 3.25mm nee­dles. Rnd 1: K1B 0 ( 0: 1) times, (K1A, K1B) to mrk, beg on stitch 10 ( 6: 1) of Chart and end­ing on stitch 41, work Chart to end of rnd. Com­plete as for Left Mitt.


Weave in all ends, us­ing yarn tails to close any holes at thumb join. Us­ing du­pli­cate stitch (Swiss darn­ing), add flow­ers in yarn C as in­di­cated on Chart. Wet block mitts, fol­low­ing any yarn care in­struc­tions on the ball band, and lay flat to dry.

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