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Ex­plore tra­di­tional Lat­vian colour­work

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hold an im­por­tant place in Lat­vian cul­ture and his­tory, and Ieva Ozolina loves to use tra­di­tional tech­niques and sym­bols to create bright, mod­ern de­signs. These colour­ful mit­tens fea­ture the sun mo­tif, which is the most com­monly used in Lat­vian mit­tens, and rep­re­sents the god­dess of fer­til­ity. Ieva rec­om­mends us­ing a 4ply pure wool, and we have sug­gested two yarns that would suit this project.


Us­ing 2mm nee­dles and yarn A, cast on 68 sts. Di­vide sts equally over 4 dou­ble-pointed nee­dles, pm and join to work in the round, tak­ing care not to twist sts. Knit 5 rounds. Eye­let round: (K2­tog, yo) to end of round. Knit 5 rounds. Fold work at the eye­let round, bring­ing the cast-on edge up at the back of the nee­dles to meet the work­ing edge. Join­ing round: *Knit 1 st from the cast-on edge to­gether with the next stitch; rep from * to end.


Work rounds 1-20 of Front Chart over nee­dles 1 and 2, and Palm Chart over nee­dles 3 and 4, bring­ing in yarn B where nec­es­sary. Round 21: *Work in pat­tern as set across next 34 sts, M1; rep from * once more. Cont in pat­tern as set with­out fur­ther shap­ing to Round 44. Right Mit­ten Round 45: Work Front Chart, knit the first 2 sts of Palm Chart, knit the next 15 sts onto waste yarn, work to end of Palm Chart. Left Mit­ten Round 45: Work Front Chart, knit the first 18 sts of Palm Chart, knit the next 15 sts onto waste yarn, work to end of Palm Chart. Both Mit­tens Con­tinue to work both Charts as set over all sts and waste sts to Row 82, ig­nor­ing the thumb shap­ing. The thumb sts will be picked up from the waste yarn when the mit­ten is com­plete and worked in the pat­tern and shap­ing given. Round 83: K1B, SSKB, pat­tern to last 3 sts of front, K2­togB, K1B, K1B, SSKB, pat­tern to last 3 sts of back, K2­togB, K1B. Cont to fol­low Chart as set, shap­ing us­ing colours as as est in Row 83 ev­ery row un­til 3 sts re­main for each side. Round 99: (S2kpoB) twice. Fas­ten off.


Use one nee­dle to pick up the sts di­rectly above the waste yarn, pick­ing up the right leg of each stitch and work­ing from right to left. Use a sec­ond nee­dle to pick up the sts di­rectly be­low the waste yarn in ex­actly the same way. Pick up 1 stitch at each op­po­site ‘cor­ner’ of the thumb­hole be­tween the lower and up­per nee­dles. Re­ar­range the stitches so that they are evenly dis­trib­uted on 4 nee­dles. 32 sts. Note the Chart is worked the same on both the back and the front of the thumb. Fol­low the chart for the mit­ten cor­re­spond­ing to the thumb you are mak­ing, work­ing the picked-up cor­ner sts on each side to­gether with the st next to them on the first round. 30 sts. Work rows 46-62 of Thumb sec­tion of Chart with­out shap­ing. Round 63: *K1B, SSKB, patt to 3 sts be­fore mrk, K2­tog, K1B, rep from * once more. Rep round 63 un­til 10 sts re­main. Round 69: *S2kpoB, K2­togB; rep from * once more. Cut yarn and pull through rem sts. Turn the thumb in­side out, pull the yarn tail through to the wrong side and se­cure. If there are holes at the base of the thumb, use the yarn tail there to tighten it up.

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