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Turk­ish Cast-on Hold the two ends of the cir­cu­lar nee­dles to­gether in the left hand and tie a slip knot on the bot­tom nee­dle. Wrap the yarn un­der the nee­dles, up the back of the nee­dles and down the front of the nee­dles; wrap yarn around a to­tal of 15 ( 17: 19) sts times (half the to­tal cast-on). Pull the bot­tom nee­dle tip out to the right and use it to knit the stitches on the top nee­dle tip with the work­ing yarn. When you reach the end, turn the work so the top nee­dle is now on the bot­tom, and pull the ca­ble out to the left so the top nee­dle is snug in­side the stitches. Re­move the slip knot, pull the bot­tom nee­dle out and use this to knit across the top stitches. You can now trans­fer the stitches to DPNs if pre­ferred to con­tinue knit­ting in the round. You can find a video of the tech­nique here - (it is worked slightly dif­fer­ently at the be­gin­ning but the re­sult is the same):­ishco

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