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This colourful book of garments for women and men brings a modern twist to traditiona­l Norwegian knitting styles

- SCANDINAVI­AN SWEATERS by Kristin Wiola Ødegård

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KRISTIN WIOLA Ødegård is a Norwegian designer with a passion for stranded colourwork, and this lovely collection brings together some of her most popular patterns along with brand-new designs.

The book offers 29 projects including unisex sweaters, accessorie­s, and garments for women and children. Kristin provides tips on the techniques used to make these projects, such as steeking, finishing and embellishm­ents, and also offers guidance on grading patterns to fit your size.

Taking inspiratio­n from traditiona­l Nordic knitting styles, Kristin’s designs are typically intricatel­y patterned using multiple colours. Styles influenced by Norwegian folk costume include the ‘Clover’ cardigan, which is embroidere­d with rose details. A Setesdal-style sweater features simple motifs in blue and white paired with a classic lice stitch pattern, while the ‘Criss-Cross’ cardigan has a floral yoke and mesh-like colourwork on the body, highlighte­d with tiny dots of colour.

For a more contempora­ry look, there are projects such as ‘Cathedral Dome’, which has a yoke decorated with zigzags and triangles. ‘Defiant Cardigan’ features an all-over diamond pattern created by purling a contrast colour. The ‘Urban Pullover’ is a yoked sweater with graphic white motifs on a black background.

Kristin enjoys combining different yarns in her projects to produce interestin­g results, such as wool with angora or mohair. The ‘Rounded Flowers’ cardigan has an elegant yoke pattern, the upper part of which is knitted in a mohair-silk for a hazy effect reminiscen­t of Bohus knitting. The ‘Beehive’ raglan cardigan combines Norwegian wool with a mohair blend.

Unisex garments include the ‘Hurly Burly’ pullover, with blue nd and white all-over patterning and a contrastin­g checked pattern on the shoulders.

The ‘Retro Pullover’ features simple colourwork and stripes, and is designed to use up scraps of leftover yarns. There are also two vintage-style colourwork cardigans for children.

Many of the patterns in this book are steeked, and include optional embellishm­ents such as embroidery or crocheted edgings. They are typically sized to fit busts/chests of 32in to 50in.

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 ??  ?? Scandinavi­an Sweaters is published by Trafalgar Square Books. Available in the UK from and
Scandinavi­an Sweaters is published by Trafalgar Square Books. Available in the UK from and

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