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There’s no deny­ing ev­ery­one loves a good beauty hack.

And while you may have spent the past few years think­ing you’ve dis­cov­ered some­thing truly ge­nius – it might now be time to re­think.

The truth is, if you think a beauty method that you dis­cover on the in­ter­net sounds a lit­tle ab­surd, it’s likely to be bad news.

And some of the more trendy ones have even been proven to be bad for your skin.

Do you of­ten slather your face in co­conut oil, hop­ing for a smooth, glowy com­plex­ion? The like­li­hood is, it’s do­ing the op­po­site – clog­ging your pores and caus­ing break­outs.

The same goes for ap­ply­ing tooth­paste to spots. While the per­ox­ide in the paste may dry the spot out, it is likely to ag­gra­vate the area of skin and leave it look­ing more red and in­flamed than when you started.

Do you use sugar, salt or bak­ing soda as a nat­u­ral way to ex­fo­li­ate your skin? Don’t bother.

The gran­ules can have rough edges which can leave skin red raw – wreak­ing havoc on sen­si­tive skin types.

An­other age-old trick that took the in­ter­net by storm is to set your make-up in place with hair­spray be­fore a night out.

While it may be ef­fec­tive, there are now so many skin-friendly set­ting sprays on the mar­ket, and hair­spray causes skin to be­come dry, ir­ri­tated and flaky. Hmph.

Ever tried to de-shine your face with an­tiper­spi­rant de­odor­ant? Anti-per­spi­rants stop sweat pro­duc­tion, not oil, so you wont find it stops any un­wanted T-zone glow. And it’ll clog your pores to the max.

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