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Ideally, ev­ery­one would love to stay on track to achiev­ing their health goals at all times. But the truth is, even the most ded­i­cated well­ness war­riors can some­times slip up.

And, when you’ve fallen off the well­ness wagon, it can be so hard to pick your­self back up again. One day slides into an­other, and be­fore you know it you’re well and truly in a rut.

So how can you ever get back to where you were, when even the first step seems im­pos­si­ble? En­ter BTN goals.

They stand for Bet­ter Than Noth­ing goals and they can be just what you need to yank you out of your rut.

“Where peo­ple get tripped up with goals is that they set their goals too high in any short pe­riod of time and then they don’t stick with it,” said Laura Van­derkam, time man­age­ment ex­pert and au­thor of the new book, Off the Clock: Feel Less Busy While Get­ting More Done. “It’s re­ally per­sis­tence over the long run that leads to things.

“The bet­ter than noth­ing goal is this idea that when we lower ex­pec­ta­tions in the short run, we can achieve big­ger things in the long run.”

The idea is that you set a small BTN goal and keep do­ing it ‘til it be­comes a habit. Once you feel no re­sis­tance to do­ing that goal, you ad­just your goal­posts.

Life coach Kate Cash­man is a big be­liever in BTN goals.

“Some­times when we’re in a rut we can’t see the wood for the trees – we see things in a more neg­a­tive head space, we em­ploy more neg­a­tive self-talk and we feel like we’re never go­ing to be able to achieve the re­ally ‘big’ goals that we had al­ways wanted to.”

Of course, you can ap­ply BTN goals to any as­pect of your life.

When it comes to ex­er­cis­ing, Cash­man says you can start by set­ting small goals, like do­ing 20 body­weight squats, 10 push-ups or some burpees.

Then, aim to in­crease ei­ther the num­ber of reps or num­ber of ex­er­cises each day.

For bet­ter nu­tri­tion, a BTN goal can be as sim­ple as swap­ping out an un­healthy snack for a health­ier op­tion, or aim­ing to start the day re­ally well hy­drated.

Once you’ve mas­tered that first BTN goal, keep aim­ing higher. Even­tu­ally, through baby steps, you’ll re­alise you’ve crawled your way out of your rut and are back on your way to kick­ing ma­jor goals.

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