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● FRED SAV­AGE, ROCKY: Is it just me, or does the let­ter from RE Heath­wood, Hat­ton Vale, seem a bit sus?

● STAT: With the ex­tra fish­eries of­fi­cers now em­ployed, per­haps they could drop into the Cause­way and check the guys who reg­u­larly flog the outer chan­nel with their cast nets.

● RAMP: The big de­ci­sion I had to make last Fri­day night was stay home and watch the NRL or go to Browne Park and watch the lo­cal schools fi­nals. Glad I got off my bum and went. Some cracker games, es­pe­cially the last where Yep­poon won with a field goal. Well done all con­cerned.

● COL, BERSERKER: In­ter­est­ing note about tat­toos but hon­estly has any­one thought as to how a deadly skin can­cer could be lurk­ing un­no­ticed in that so called art? Per­haps a mem­ber of the med­i­cal pro­fes­sion could re­spond?

● MOOSE, DE­POT HILL: Re the 23-year-old woman in­volved in the Rab­bitohs on­line ex­po­sure. She ob­vi­ously didn’t know how to turn her data off be­fore she go and named af­ter Prince Charles men­tor, his un­cle Lord Louis Mount­bat­ten. A spam ac­count.

● MICK, ROCK: Echo­ing E Rowe let­ter and adding to my orig­i­nal mis­sive, the furore com­ing from the US over the Wil­liams melt­down over Mark Knight car­toon is laugh­able. I would like to think that we Aussies are gen­er­ally good sports so when the loser starts cry­ing that she is be­ing racially ma­ligned and per­forms one of the great dummy spits of her ca­reer the WTA needs to make her ac­count­able for her ac­tions.

● BR, YEP­POON: Eloise Rowe made some good points re­gard­ing the Ser­ena Wil­liams melt­down. How­ever, her men­tion of the um­pire’s sug­ges­tion to her op­po­nent to let Ser­ena win was a car­toon­ist’s cre­ation, not re­al­ity! I sym­pa­thised with Naomi Osaka as I felt her win was over­shad­owed by Ser­ena’s ap­palling be­hav­iour. How­ever there have been sev­eral doc­u­mented cases of male play­ers be­hav­ing very badly in matches with the same um­pire of­fi­ci­at­ing, and he did noth­ing. So I also feel that this lack of in­con­sis­tency in­flamed the US Open sit­u­a­tion. I also feel that the de­pic­tion of Ser­ena by The Aus­tralian car­toon­ist who is cop­ping all the flak re­ally went too far with his in­sult­ing car­i­ca­ture and left him­self open to ac­cu­sa­tions of racism. The Wil­liams sis­ters were known as Blackie one and Blackie two as child play­ers, and race should never be used against them in­sult­ingly, even in car­toons.

● RJM, BERSERKER: So the LNP say that Rookwood weir will bring thou­sands of jobs. Would like to see the de­tails with­out any “com­mer­cial in con­fi­dence” crap. Look­ing more and more like a “don’t you worry about that” sort of deal.

● MIKE: Here we go again, Rookwood Weir, ap­proved. I’m pre­dict­ing we will hear about it for the the next three elec­tion cy­cles, that’s about 12 years, hope­fully not. How­ever if my mem­ory serves me cor­rectly that’s how many elec­tions we sat through with both sides tak­ing the credit, in some form or an­other for the Yep­poon hos­pi­tal. And from some re­ports it doesn’t have a doc­tor, how­ever it’s a great trans­fer sta­tion to Rock­hamp­ton Base hos­pi­tal. When we fi­nally get politi­cians with vi­sion, we will see projects put in place for the next three or four gen­er­a­tions, mega dams, not pud­dles.

● FRED SAV­AGE, ROCKY: A lot of col­li­sions are hap­pen­ing in Rocky CBD, and usu­ally at in­ter­sec­tions. Due care and at­ten­tion while driv­ing would help lessen these ac­ci­dents as well as the old “right of way” rule. That’s if that rule still ex­ists.

● SHANE, NG. An­thony Lyn­ham (15/09) claims La­bor MPs were “tire­lessly push­ing” for Rookwood. Sorry Min­is­ter, we, in this neck of the woods, know that un­til very re­cently, they did bug­ger all! It was Landry. Tire­less and alone!

● MD, WAN­DAL: Margaret, I am un­sure how you pos­si­bly took my text in re­gard to when the RRC com­mu­nity con­ver­sa­tion meet­ings started the wrong way. I never said any­thing about the date that they “phys­i­cally started”. I said you an­nounced they had com­menced on Sept 8 in The Bully ar­ti­cle. The bot­tom line is that you tak­ing credit for be­gin­ning them when you re­turned in 2012, was ac­tu­ally (ac­cord­ing to coun­cil records) three years ear­lier than they ac­tu­ally did. Can The Bully re­print the Sept 8 ar­ti­cle for all to see the glar­ing er­ror?

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