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● VERITAS, YEP­POON. Would the LSC be bet­ter off giv­ing their work­ers some wage re­lief in­stead of wast­ing half a mil­lion dol­lars for Billy to be­come a City Mayor rather than our cur­rent “night” Mayor.

● ANON. Re SES and dodgy rentals. Like it or not this prob­lem will get worse (1) LNP brought in changes to de­pre­ci­a­tion sched­ul­ing (2) If La­bor abol­ish neg­a­tive gear­ing (3) Bank­ing in­quiry and need for 20% de­posits. These three fac­tors will mean, more peo­ple need­ing to rent, less peo­ple in­vest­ing in ren­tal prop­er­ties, and less main­te­nance be­ing done as it can’t be claimed as an off­set. This means you will pay more rent and the qual­ity of your home will go back­wards. Think about that at the next fed­eral elec­tion!

● DOC. When our chil­dren make a mess we ask them to clean it up. When we make a mess eg re cli­mate con­trol we re still ask­ing them to clean it up. Maybe we are too late.

● RUSTY. LSC were hold­ing a GET RE­SILIENT DAY, but it was can­celled due to the wet weather. Lol, wouldn’t that have been a great op­por­tu­nity to show some re­silience?’

● ANON. What a won­der­ful open­ing day’s cricket, in the first Test be­tween Aus­tralia and In­dia; with all the skills and ath­leti­cism, openly on dis­play, for all loyal Aus­tralians, ex­cept per­haps, one par­tic­u­lar in­di­vid­ual : Mr. N.W.H. Timms, and his spite­ful brand­ing of the pa­tri­ots as: ‘cricket nuts ... watch­ing paint peel’.

● IH. To all of the stupid id­iots who pull out in front of traf­fic do­ing 100km/h from the Oaks servo on the Yep­poon Rd. Is the only way to teach you clowns a les­son is to get T-boned?

● AS. I would guess RM that the pro­test­ers aren’t on the dole as they wouldn’t have the money for travel to Can­berra. Boy you have such neg­a­tive out­look on peo­ple and life i feel sorry for you for your de­press­ing life.

● GH ROCKYVIEW. Power was off at Rockyview for 20 hours from 4 till quar­ter past eleven next day. Too long this day and age. Er­gon should be com­pen­sat­ing us out here.

● NCN MT CHALMERS. Yes less seats at Shop­ping Fair and should be ashamed as i know of el­derly that rest on them in be­tween shop­ping. Its just like less rub­bish bins as well. Get­ting stingee.

● AS ROCK Re MGW I have never ac­tu­ally cooked plovers be­cause ex­perts tell me it is not le­gal but I have

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