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THE young kids of to­day mate they just take the trick

The clothes that they wear are so tight and so slick.

Short skirts and small tank tops they look such a sight

Boob tubes and long leg­gins, all so bloody tight.

Tops that are slinky they creep up when they bend

And jeans cut so low you can see their rear end.

They wear hats back to front or some­times to the side

They call it fash­ion but do they have no pride.

The boys’ baggy pants all loose and real slack

Their undies hang out down to their bum crack.

They must not own a mir­ror to check when they dress

Nose rings and tongues studs they look such a mess.

You can’t tell if they’re fe­male or a bloke with long hair.

There are ways of check­ing but I don’t want to go there.

No re­spect for their el­ders and it’s so easy to see!

They just fol­low the fash­ions of what’s on TV.

We never did that when we were all young

Studs in their cheeks and rings though their tongue.

Tat­toos all over on their back or their neck

They look like some crea­ture from out of Star Trek.

Young girls with tank tops all loose at the side

No mod­esty here they just don’t try to hide

Their boobs from the pub­lic it’s all there to see

Heart at­tack ter­ri­tory for an old bloke like me.

There are girls that are preg­nant; their clothes bring on frowns

What ever hap­pened to ma­ter­nity gowns?

Per­haps I’m old fash­ioned with what they should wear

But I really can’t help but to stop and just stare.

The grand­kids tell me it’s fash­ion and to get with the trend

But try as I might I just can’t com­pre­hend

Why show­ing your pri­vates would gain any fame.

I really think it’s all just one big poser game.

But now ev­ery­one's dif­fer­ent and unique so they say

Some fol­low trends and some go their own way.

In­di­vid­ual peo­ple by birth, name or fame

But I don’t think they re­alise they all look the same.

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