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● RM ST LAWRENCE. I don’t un­der­stand why the fuss re pill test­ing at mu­sic fes­ti­vals; peo­ple choose to con­sume these un­known sub­stances, there­fore they know­ingly risk their lives. You can’t leg­is­late against stupid, these fools don’t value the only life they’ll ever have, so be it.

● JD R’TON. How do you know a politi­cian or be it an ex politi­cian has lied. His lips have moved. Some just don’t know when to shut up and not to point fingers be­cause the other three fingers are point­ing back at you. Who was in charge when the nurses pay de­ba­cle emerged and how mil­lions did the worker/tax­payer had to pay up to fix it. It’s liken to steal­ing money from churches poor box then stand be­fore con­gre­ga­tion and plea “I’m a good fella”. It’s enough for ya to get mad enough to drive a car into a garage door. Peo­ple in glass houses or be it he is without sin, the hide of these peo­ple. Gees!!

● MICK S @ G’MERE. Dur­ing the Grace­mere post­code change at­tempt, our lo­cal coun­cil­lor,told us all that it was a com­mu­nity’s hard fought right to have a say in all mat­ters that af­fect us. Now Cr Smith has voted for us to have no say at all, in the re­moval of coun­cil di­vi­sions. Democ­racy should never be “turned on and off”, merely for per­sonal gain.

● MOOSE, DE­POT HILL. let it be known that the SMS in TMB 14/1 re­gard­ing dis­abled park­ing at the Base Hos­pi­tal was not sub­mit­ted by me

● AB ROCK­HAMP­TON. There can only be one moose and so say all of us.

● CG. Are their any other power com­pa­nies in cen­tral qld be­side er­gon if not have they got a mo­nop­oly on power prices?

● GH. How great it was to read all the let­ters to the Ed­i­tor without all those long winded cli­mate change ones. It was very good to read other top­ics as i don’t read those over the top long winded ones.

● ROBROY. To GCE well if you do don’t be shy.

● RHINELLA EMU PARK. The cow be­hind tree should be jump­ing with joy not quak­ing in fear at the ar­rival of Harry’s View ‘meat sub­sti­tute’ mon­ster (TMB Jan 12)

● DOC. To B.B. Your group of Aus­tralians protest­ing against the gangs wore Nazi para­pher­na­lia mak­ing them Fas­cists in­clud­ing An­ning. I am a Viet­nam Vet­eran that was fight­ing yours & oth­ers of the same ilk bo­gey­men the Com­mu­nist. Don’t lec­ture me about free­dom. I’ve ob­vi­ously pressed your but­tons

● KD. That’s the prob­lem with par­ents that don’t con­trol their wild kids anon they can’t see the prob­lem their kids are caus­ing. Try and think of oth­ers some time in­stead of let­ting them run wild.

● NOEL. re SMS Christina 14/1. No the po­lice try their hard­est to deal with these id­iots. It’s the judges who hand down a sen­tence then give the per­son im­me­di­ate pa­role. Where is the pun­ish in that when peo­ple know they can get away with the crime. Maybe a month in a shared cell with a hard­ened crim­i­nal might be an en­light­en­ing ex­pe­ri­ence.

● LPMC. LSC Name change. When do the rate pay­ers view a de­tailed Com­mu­nity Plan for LSC Ru­ral res­i­dents in­stead of the waste­ful $en$le$$ ideas for Yep­poon only?

● DDIM. Oh please Bully do not go down the tacky South­ern paper

track of corny so called head­lines. Lets get this Barty started Gr­rrrrrrrr. Please no more it just de­grades a great lo­cal rag.

● RAMP. Lots of com­plaints re the wait times at the Con­tain­ers for Change de­pots. Well here are some tips. Sort your con­tain­ers into des­per­ate lots. Re­move all lids and def­i­nitely wait un­til you have a rea­son­able quan­tity to re­fund. The work­ers are do­ing a great job, we just need more of them.

● STIYP. Anon when your kids hav­ing as you say fun in­ter­feres with other peo­ples en­joy­ment of an out­ing or event then maybe you need to take a good look at your par­ent­ing skills. If I was Al­ice I would have com­plained to the or­gan­is­ers on the night. Don’t mis­take diplo­macy for a weak­ness and teach your kids pub­lic man­ners.

● RAMP. Well said Al Byrnard re tat­toos. I just look and ask my­self Why ? This goes for fa­cial or­na­ments as well as noth­ing irks me more then rings or studs in noses lips tongues eye­brows and ears. As you say to each their own but I re­peat WHY.

● RTGOD. The only fish­ing plat­forms we needed as kids in Rocky were the old wharfs and dredges tied up to them in the river.

● CC INGUNA. The found­ing Fa­thers (who were raised by stay at home moth­ers) of the Amer­i­can con­sti­tu­tion put in pri­vate money for ideals they be­lieved in. If anti drug Amer­ica thinks a wall will as­sist in this life/ death con­flict then the Mex­i­can bor­der wall ought be half up by now. Is there a way to give dona­tions a tax re­fund­able %.? A lot of peo­ple voted for Trump on this elec­tion prom­ise. If that vol­ume of be­liev­ers vol­un­teered five bucks each, its a good de­posit and no na­tional emer­gency nec­es­sary. The script writ­ers of the cur­rent non cri­sis drug de­nial prob­lem want a DRAMA to se­cure greater drug pro­lif­er­a­tion. Same with weapons treaties. Ad­dicts code­pen­dent van­dals of ra­tio­nal progress.

● LGYPN. Mr. Brad­bury if you are bored with re­ply­ing to let­ters...how do you think WE feel. Please ...give us all a break and pick an­other topic. And keep it a bit shorter and give some­one else a go.

● SAF. Please TMB can we please put a stop on Mr Brad­bury from Nor­man Gar­dens. He is ap­par­ently never wrong and you in­sist on giv­ing him lines­pace to pro­mote his own views or den­i­grate the views of oth­ers. Why the gov­ern­ment has not em­ployed him on his self de­clared ex­per­tise is an as­tound­ing loss to Aus­tralia. (If you ask Tom). Enough is enough. Please. And again on 12 Jan­uary.

● AUSSIE. Ready set go folks Aus­tralia Day is get­tin closer so lets cel­e­brate in good old Aussie fash­ion. Beach or back­yard cricket a day at the beach of a fam­ily BBQ. Love it more then Christ­mas.

● MOOSE, DE­POT HILL. thank heav­ens for the Bris­bane Heat Women in the BBL be­cause the mens Heat side is play­ing like Chilly Willy.ROCK Gaz. For­give me if I my un­der­stand­ing is wrong: if Mo­ran­bah fam­ily TMB 11 Jan pg 05, can­not pay for food be­cause Dad is un­em­ployed, why do they need day­care? Surely he should be a stayat-home Dad.

● RATEPAYER @CBD. Why can’t The Bully do a “talk about town” seg­ment, like The Courier Mail does? Find out what peo­ple are ac­tu­ally think­ing, rather than as­sum­ing.

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