Num­bers and re­sults from cat­tle-sell­ing com­plexes across the re­gion

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534 CAT­TLE yarded at Grafton. Bul­locks didn’t sell as well and lost around 10-15c/kg. Cows on the other hand were stronger and sold to a top of 225c/kg. Veal­ers to the pro­ces­sor sold easier with most sales be­tween 220c/kg and 250c/kg.

Re­stock­ers were def­i­nitely less ac­tive in the mar­ket place and only chased qual­ity Bri­tish bred cat­tle.


Jon Keats bul­locks sold to 250c/kg weighed 653kg to re­turn $1632/hd.

R P & N F Ens­bey bul­locks sold to 264c/kg weighed 543kg to re­turn $1428/hd.

Norm Gray an­gus steers sold to 272c/kg weighed 340kg to re­turn $1465/hd.

S J Gib­son heavy heifers sold to 232c/kg weighed 445kg to re­turn $1024/hd.

M S J Kroehn­ert Part­ner­ship cows sold to 224c/kg weighed 590kg to re­turn $1317/hd.

Cum­mins Pas­toral Co cows sold to 220c/kg weighed 585kg to re­turn $1276/hd.

JoJo Newby cows sold to 225c/kg weighed 715kg to re­turn $1596/hd.

Chap­mans Peak cows sold to 221c/kg weighed 580kg to re­turn $1277/hd.

Sue Beres­ford cows sold to 221c/kg weighed 560kg to re­turn $1233/hd.

E & T Knox an­gus year­ling steers sold to 272c/kg and re­turned $722/hd to re­stock­ers.

Sharon Fisher charo­lais steer sold to 280c/kg and re­turned $656/hd to re­stock­ers.


1110 cat­tle were yarded for the Lismore Store Sale last Satur­day.

A good line up of steers sold mainly to Queens­land buy­ers.

Box Indi­cus feeder steers weigh­ing from 380 to 480 kg sold from $2.76 to $2.87 kg most re­turn­ing $1200 to $1350.

Justin Hall’s charo­lais top­ping at $1571.

350 weaner steers sold strongly con­sid­er­ing the large num­ber on the mar­ket ev­ery­where re­cently.

Charo­lais steers weigh­ing 311 sold for $3/kg, $933.

Steers weigh­ing around 200 kg sold from $2.70, $3.18/kg de­pend­ing on qual­ity.

Heifers sold on a cheaper mar­ket with good lines of an­gus and charo­lais sell­ing from $2.30 to $2.60/kg.

A good run of two-year-old an­gus heifers sold from $1320 to $1660 with lo­cals com­pet­ing.

Cows and calves topped at $1700 with most sell­ing from $1300 to $1580.

On Tues­day 300 cat­tle were sold. Veal­ers sold to meat op­er­a­tors $2.35 to $2.48/kg.

Re­stock­ers com­peted on suit­able lines of steers $2.70 to $2.95/kg.

Prices for heifers were gen­er­ally low but a few pens of good qual­ity an­gus heifers sold well. Earle Smith’s an­gus sold for $2.72/kg, $753.

The cow mar­ket was on a par with last week. Tim Sheri­dans braford cows topped at $2.18 kg $1297.


The con­tin­u­ing dry weather is forc­ing in­creased num­bers of cat­tle on to the mar­ket to a to­tal yard­ing of 4,170, up 1,280 head. The yard­ing con­sisted of large num­bers of year­lings, and there was in­creased num­bers of weaner cat­tle, while cows dom­i­nated the grown cat­tle. Qual­ity of the young cat­tle was fairly mixed with some well fin­ished year­lings of­fered, how­ever the largest per­cent­age of steers and heifers were in 2 score con­di­tion. How­ever, there were sev­eral runs of well-bred cat­tle that at­tracted the in­ter­est of feeder and re­stocker buy­ers. There were sev­eral or­ders for steers from Queens­land. The in­crease in num­bers could not main­tain last week’s prices with most classes of cat­tle sell­ing to an easier marker.

Re­stocker weaner steers how­ever at­tracted stronger de­mand, mainly from Queens­land buy­ers, sell­ing 5c to 10c dearer to top at 328c/kg.

Weaner heifers sold up to 308c/kg. Feeder steers were down by 17c sell­ing up to 296c for the medium weights, for an av­er­age of 265c/kg. Light re­stocker year­ling steers sold up to 311c/kg. Heavy feeder steers av­er­aged 276c/kg. Feeder heifers were down by 10c for an av­er­age of 257c/kg.

The yard­ing of ex­port cat­tle con­sisted mainly of cows, along with a small of­fer­ing of grown steers, while there was a fair pen­ning of heifers. Grown steers topped at 270c, and heifers sold up to 259c to pro­ces­sors. The yard­ing of cows con­sisted of a large per­cent­age of plain 1 and 2 scores, how­ever there was some good runs of medium weight 3 score cows, along with some good heavy cows.

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