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ONLY 160 cat­tle were sold at our Lis­more Sa­le­yards on Tues­day.

For­tu­nately the greater per­cent­age of the veal­ers yarded were steers and sold at sim­i­lar rates to re­cent weeks.

Bill Far­rell’s charo­lais steers sold to $2.86/kg, the top re­turn­ing $745.

Cross­bred weaner steers sold from $2.60–$2.86/kg for re­turns of $560–$911.

Vealer heifers sold to meat oper­a­tors $2.05–$2.12/kg and re­stock­ers paid up to $2.42 for an­gus cross heifers.


NUM­BERS at In­verell re­duced by 677 to 1510 head of very mixed qual­ity cat­tle.

Prices again saw an eas­ing trend, prin­ci­pally for the plainer qual­ity cat­e­gories which, owing to the weather, were in greater num­bers.

All but one ex­porter at­tended, along with the usual feed­lot or­ders.

The con­tin­u­ing dry weather re­sulted in a plainer qual­ity yard­ing.

Lighter wean­ers pur­chased by re­stock­ers were back 7–16c/kg, while a pen of well bred steer calves saw prices equal to last week. They were the only ex­cep­tion.

Year­ling steers saw a gen­eral re­duc­tion in price, again with plainer types up to 40c/kg back for drafts go­ing onto feed or back­ground.

Trade heifers also ex­pe­ri­enced cheaper trends of up to 40c, qual­ity hav­ing an ef­fect, but a gen­eral eas­ing of the mar­ket saw cheaper trends of medium weight year­ling heifers eas­ing by 17–28c/kg.

Grown steers re­sulted in cheaper trends, qual­ity and weight a fac­tor, with some very light weight steers be­ing of­fered. Heifers, sim­i­larly, showed cheaper trends of up to 46c/kg to the trade.

Very light cows av­er­aged 67–72c, while light two score cows were 11c/kg back. The best D3 and D4 cows were 12–16c/kg cheaper. Bulls sold to firm trends.


THERE was a much re­duced pen­ning of both sheep and lambs.

The qual­ity and weight of the lambs on of­fer showed great vari­a­tion.

There were some out­stand­ing heavy and ex­tra heavy weight lambs along­side a fair qual­ity pen­ning of store lambs.

The usual pro­ces­sors were in at­ten­dance, how­ever the re­stocker lamb ac­tiv­ity was lim­ited to the lo­cals.

With the sea­sonal con­di­tions less than ideal and win­ter just around the cor­ner, very light weight store lambs at­tracted weaker de­mand, sell­ing to a slightly cheaper trend.

The bet­ter qual­ity store lambs with the abil­ity to go onto grain ra­tions sold firm to slightly dearer.

Well fin­ished trade lambs and the lighter end of the heavy weight classes sold to a cheaper trend of $4–$5/head with qual­ity changes ac­count­ing for some larger price re­duc­tions.

The heavy and ex­tra heavy weight classes ex­pe­ri­enced lit­tle change in the mar­ket trend.


THERE was a large re­duc­tion in num­bers that also took away the de­cent lines.

The qual­ity of the of­fer­ing was very mixed in na­ture with many small and sin­gle lots pre­sented.

The con­di­tion of the pen­ning was on the plainer side with lim­ited sup­plies of well fin­ished cat­tle avail­able. There was a sim­i­lar buy­ing group to last week in at­ten­dance. De­mand was gen­er­ally weaker across most cat­e­gories, light weight weaner cat­tle rep­re­sent­ing a rel­a­tively low dol­lar value the ex­cep­tion.

Mar­ket trends were gen­er­ally cheaper through the young cat­tle.

The light weight wean­ers were the ex­cep­tion. They sold to dearer trends with some breed re­lated price im­prove­ment.

The heav­ier weaner steers were 9–13c/kg cheaper.

Year­ling steers to re­stock and feed also saw cheaper trends for the most part. Heavy feeder steers were up to 6c/kg cheaper. Once again those low dol­lar value cat­tle were slightly dearer in places.

Medium and heavy year­ling heifers to re­stock and feed sold to a cheaper trend, down 2–4c/kg with some other qual­ity re­lated price change.

Heavy grown steers sold to a cheaper trend, how­ever there were a cou­ple of pens of well fin­ished heavy weights that stood out and achieved to top c/kg price. Cows met weaker de­mand and less re­stocker ac­tiv­ity.


THERE was a re­duced pen­ning that again fea­tured a large pen­ning of cows.

This is a re­flec­tion of the de­te­ri­o­rat­ing sea­sonal con­di­tions and pre-win­ter, post-wean­ing sell-off.

There was a fair sup­ply of veal­ers and wean­ers, while year­ling num­bers re­treated.

The qual­ity of the of­fer­ing was fair to good, as was the con­di­tion. The usual buy­ers were in at­ten­dance.

Mar­ket trends var­ied through the young cat­tle with weaner steers to re­stock­ers sell­ing mostly firm with an odd dearer sale. It was a sim­i­lar trend for heifer wean­ers and veal­ers with some sales to re­stock­ers up to 9c/kg dearer.

A good sup­ply of heavy year­ling feeder steers sold to a dearer trend with breed a con­tribut­ing fac­tor.

Year­ling heifers to re­stock and feed saw medium and heavy weights sell to a 5c/kg cheaper mar­ket trend with lim­ited num­bers pur­chased by the trade.

There were too few well fin­ished heavy grown steers to quote, how­ever feeder steers over 500kg were dearer, and sig­nif­i­cantly so with breed and qual­ity a ma­jor fac­tor.

The cow mar­ket was 5–10c/kg cheaper with re­stocker cows least af­fected.

There were quite a few large framed cows in store con­di­tion penned. Heavy bulls were 4c/kg cheaper.


THERE was a fur­ther re­duc­tion in num­bers, down by 900 head. Once again wean­ers and cows made up the bulk of the of­fer­ing.

There was a fair sup­ply of year­lings, while well-fin­ished heavy grown steers were al­most non-ex­is­tent.

The qual­ity of the of­fer­ing was fair to good, how­ever the con­di­tion for the most part was on the leaner side.

There were some pens of well-fin­ished heavy weight cows.

The usual buy­ers were in at­ten­dance al­though there was less feed­lot com­pe­ti­tion for heavy feeder steers and re­duced re­stocker ac­tiv­ity on the plainer con­di­tion cows.

De­mand was weaker through the young cat­tle from all sec­tors. Good qual­ity young cat­tle were least af­fected in a mar­ket of mostly cheaper trends.

There was sig­nif­i­cant dis­count­ing for sec­ondary and plain qual­ity young cat­tle.

The bet­ter qual­ity weaner steers sold to a cheaper trend of up to 14c/kg.

There was lit­tle change for the bet­ter qual­ity weaner heifers to re­stock, with an iso­lated pen of high qual­ity heifers show­ing a slight im­prove­ment.

There was an im­prove­ment in the qual­ity of the medium weight year­ling steers that ac­counted for a pos­i­tive price change.

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