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A VERY light yard­ing of cat­tle were sold at the Lis­more Sa­le­yards on Tues­day. 40 cows sold at sim­i­lar rates to re­cent weeks.

Bella Park Li­mousin Stud topped the day with a two-year-old heifer, $2.34/kg, $1147.

Sec­ondary cows sold in the $1.70–$2/kg range and light cows $1–$1.40/kg with meat op­er­a­tors and re­stock­ers com­pet­ing. A few good veal­ers sold from $2.20–$2.40/kg.

John McPher­sons prime heifer sold for $2.38/kg, $857.

Plain light­weight wean­ers sold from $1.20–$2.30/kg.


THE com­bi­na­tion of some rain and the long week­end saw a greatly re­duced pen­ning. There was a large sup­ply of year­lings and cows, with lim­ited sup­plies in the other cat­e­gories.

The large num­ber of bobby calves were gone, although there was still a fair sup­ply.

The qual­ity of the of­fer­ing was very mixed, while the con­di­tion was gen­er­ally plain, with one and two scores mak­ing up the great­est per­cent­age.

The usual buy­ers at­tended. The young calves sold on a dol­lar-per-head ba­sis, with the mar­ket firm on the very light weights in plainer con­di­tion and slightly dearer for the bet­ter qual­ity lots.

There were vary­ing trends through the young cat­tle, with de­mand from re­stock­ers in par­tic­u­lar also vary­ing.

Par­tic­u­lar breeds were in de­mand re­gard­less of qual­ity and con­di­tion, while oth­ers at­tracted lit­tle com­pe­ti­tion.

This vari­a­tion was re­flected in price changes through the light weight steers and heifers. The medium weight year­ling steers to re­stock and feed saw a firm to slightly dearer mar­ket trend, how­ever the up­side was min­i­mal.

Heavy weight feeder steers sold on a firm to dearer trend also.

Year­ling heifers go­ing to re­stock­ers and feed­lot­ters fol­lowed sim­i­lar trends to the steers.

Well-fin­ished trade heifer year­lings sold to cheaper trends as qual­ity was also down.

There were in­suf­fi­cient well-fin­ished grown steers and heifers for a mar­ket quote.

The cow mar­ket saw lit­tle change on the well-fin­ished three and four scores, with qual­ity ac­count­ing for price change.

The plainer con­di­tion cows ex­pe­ri­enced a firm mar­ket trend for the most part, although some of the plainest con­di­tion cows were a lit­tle dearer.


333 cat­tle were yarded at Grafton.

With a very good line-up of ex­port cat­tle, bul­locks and cows sold dearer.

The best of the bul­locks sold to 269c/kg and the best of the cows to 248c/kg.

Veal­ers also sold a shade dearer to top at 248c/kg.


S P Moore bul­locks sold to 250c/kg, weighed 450kg to re­turn $1108/hd.

S M & M L Gray bul­locks sold to 260c/kg, weighed 660kg to re­turn $1716/hd.

C J Moss bul­locks sold to 265c/kg, weighed 624kg to re­turn $1747/hd.

J R & B A Carl­ton bul­locks sold to 265c/kg, weighed 705kg to re­turn $1856/hd.

P N & M Red­head char­bray steers sold to 276c/kg, weighed 400kg to re­turn $1183/hd to re­stock­ers.

J R & B A Carl­ton heifers sold to 252c/kg, weighed 505kg to re­turn $1270/hd.

R & K Di Mattia cows sold to 230c/kg, weighed 500kg to re­turn $1162/hd.

Coom­bad­jha Trust cows sold to 245c/kg, weighed 533kg to re­turn $1302/hd.

L S Timms veal­ers sold to 240c/kg, weighed 235kg to re­turn $565/hd.

Coom­bad­jha Trust weaner steers sold to 270c/kg, weighed 315kg to re­turn $850/hd to re­stock­ers.

S M & M L Gray heavy an­gus bull sold to 245c/kg, weighed 1055kg to re­turn 2576/hd.


NUM­BERS de­creased by 340 de­spite the long week­end af­fect­ing mar­ket of­fer­ings through the state.

The yard­ing saw rea­son­able num­bers of well-bred, although plainer con­di­tioned, young cat­tle and al­most no cows.

All the reg­u­lar pro­ces­sors were present, along with strong com­pe­ti­tion from re­stock­ers, lo­cal and in­ter­state buy­ers.

Well-bred wean­ers to re­stock sold to dearer trends of 12c, with light weight year­ling steers also see­ing dearer trends of 26c/kg.

How­ever, medium weight feeder steers sold to slightly cheaper trends of 4c/kg, with the big­ger of­fer­ing of plain con­di­tioned young cat­tle be­ing a con­tribut­ing fac­tor.

Light year­ling heifers sold to dearer trends of 17c/kg, sought by both lo­cal and in­ter­state re­stocker in­ter­est.

Medium weight trade heifers saw slightly cheaper trends.

There were no grown steers to quote, how­ever, grown heifers sold to cheaper trends of 8c/kg.

There were very few cows of­fered, see­ing prices ease sub­stan­tially for light cows, while three score cows eased 3c/kg.

A good se­lec­tion of grain as­sisted young bulls saw trends im­prove by 15c/kg for the bet­ter types.


THERE were a few less cat­tle yarded this week, for a to­tal of 968 head.

Around 750 head of young cat­tle were sold, com­prised of a good sup­ply of veal­ers and light year­lings.

Qual­ity was mixed again this week, with sev­eral pens of sup­ple­men­tary fed cat­tle, how­ever there was a large per­cent­age of plain con­di­tioned wean­ers and light year­lings through the sale.

The mar­ket var­ied with re­stocker weaner steers mak­ing 4–6c more than last week, top­ping at 266c/kg.

Re­stocker weaner heifers were firm, although the plainer types were eas­ier, with the best reach­ing 192c/kg.

Trade veal­ers de­creased by 15c top­ping at 236c for an av­er­age of 222c/kg.

Re­stocker and back­grounder year­ling steers were slightly dearer, mak­ing from 220–277c/kg.

Trade year­ling heifers were in lim­ited sup­ply, gain­ing 7c to make from 220–261c/kg.

The yard­ing of cows was com­prised of mainly light and medium weights, along with sev­eral pens of heavy cows.

Heavy cows held firm, while light and medium weights de­creased by 4–5c/kg. Medium weight three scores av­er­aged 223c and heavy cows sold to a top of 256c/kg.


DAY AT THE SALE: Clive Moss of Tul­ly­mor­gan was se­lected as the ven­dor of the week at the Grafton Prime Cat­tle Sale held on Tues­day. The ven­dor sold 12 bran­gus bul­locks from his top-dressed fat­ten­ing pad­dock which is rapidly im­prov­ing in re­sponse to re­cent rain. The best of the of­fer­ing was a pen of seven that sold for 263.2c/kg at an av­er­age weight of 623.6kg to gross $1641.24/head. Pic­tured ring­side dur­ing the auc­tion are the ven­dor Clive Moss and his grand­son Nathan. The of­fer­ing was sold by Far­rell McCro­hon Stock and Sta­tion Agents.

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