Patchy rain lifts spir­its and prices in the yards

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NUM­BERS on of­fer were sim­i­lar to the pre­vi­ous week at NRLX, where 855 head were yarded.

There were a small num­ber of sup­ple­men­tary fed veal­ers and year­lings sell­ing slightly dearer, where veal­ers made to 267.2c/kg, re­al­is­ing $1,070.92 for Glen and Vicki Cole, and year­lings made 236.2c/kg, $987.00 – sold by Mon­doro Pty Ltd. Larger num­bers of plainer con­di­tioned re-stocker wean­ers were on of­fer with prices slip­ping up to 15c/kg in price.

Over­all steers, heifers and cows in good con­di­tion sold well. Steers fetched $1,498.50 and topped at 270c/kg for Dar­ryl Amos, heifers 254.2c/kg for $1,271.00 and sold by Craig Fowler, and cows topped at 250.2, sold by Stephen Jar­rett for $1,532.58.

There was a good line-up of bulls on of­fer, where prices in­creased slightly, with the best sell­ing for 248.2c/kg, $1,897.58 and sold by Brian and M Creedy. T&W McCor­mack and Ram­sey Bul­mer held the store sale on Fri­day, when a to­tal yard­ing of 486 plus calves were sold. A large per­cent­age were of plainer con­di­tion. The ma­jor­ity of the bet­ter steers went to Queens­land. The heifers and cows and calves were pur­chased by lo­cal buy­ers.

Cows and calves sold to $1400 for Lynette Gar­rett and dry cows made $800.00, sold by Barry Rose. There were 270 live weight steers sold to top at 306.2c/kg, mak­ing $1,408.62 and sold by Frank Spinaze.

A smaller num­ber of in-con­di­tion bulls made $2500 for TPG Ru­ral.


500 cat­tle were sold at the monthly Lis­more Store Sale last Satur­day.

Patchy rain lifted spir­its and steer prices.

Good weaner steers sold in the $2.60–$2.86/kg range, with most re­turn­ing $500–$780.

A few 18-month-old steers sold from $2.40–$2.56/kg.

Weaner heifers sold from $1.80–$2.28/kg and lightweights $1.50–$2.35/kg.

Good young breed­ers sold to strong com­pe­ti­tion, most in the $1280–$1460 range.

Older cows and calves sold from $450–$900 de­pend­ing on frame and po­ten­tial.

On Tues­day, an­other 150 cat­tle were sold at the Lis­more yards.

Prices were sim­i­lar to re­cent weeks.

Prime veal­ers sold from $2.15–$2.36/kg.

Re­stock­ers paid from $1.55–$2.20/kg for heifers and $2–$2.42/kg for steers.

Heavy cows sold from $2.10–$2.36/kg.


THERE were 288 head yarded at the Grafton Fat Cat­tle Sale.

There was a slight re­duc­tion in num­bers this week in a mixed qual­ity yard­ing.

Bul­locks were scarce, which saw a slight re­duc­tion in price, with qual­ity and con­di­tion also lack­ing. Heavy cows sold fully firm to see the best reach a top of 253.2c/kg. Grain fed butcher year­lings were well sup­plied and sold firm to a shade cheaper. Good qual­ity an­gus steer wean­ers topped at 289.2c/kg, while veal­ers held firm to top at 245c/kg. Once again light or low qual­ity wean­ers were hard to shift.


NC & MJ Allen sold an an­gus bul­lock 270.2c/kg, weigh­ing 455kg – $1,229.41.

M & B Mul­hearn sold an an­gus cross cow 253.2c/kg, weigh­ing 620kg – $1,569.84.

RJ & DM Wigg sold bran­gus and brah­man cross cows 245.2c/kg, av­er­ag­ing 531kg – $1,302.01.

CJ & CJ Schrader sold bran­gus heifers 259.2c/kg, av­er­ag­ing 347.5kg – $900.72. They also sold bran­gus steers 265kg, av­er­ag­ing 351.9kg – $932.47.

T J Creasey an­gus steers sold to 268c/kg, weigh­ing 370kg to re­turn $990 to re­stock­ers.

A G & G I Chap­man cows sold to 240c/kg, weigh­ing 455kg to re­turn $1085.

R S Gill & N M Swan­son cows sold to 252c/kg, weigh­ing 600kg to re­turn $1507.

Doboy Sta­tion cows sold to 222c/kg, weigh­ing 425kg to re­turn $940.

K Crapp cows sold to 240c/kg, weigh­ing 573kg to re­turn $1374.

J M & S A Hoy cows sold to 245c/kg, weigh­ing 583kg to re­turn $1409.


Chris and Colleen Schrader of Rush­forth Road, Po­ley Bridge, were se­lected as the ven­dor of the week at this week’s Prime Cat­tle Sale in Grafton. The Schraders sold a very im­pres­sive line of bran­gus cat­tle in the light ex­port sale cat­e­gory. The four heifers they of­fered were de­scribed dur­ing the auc­tion as “mag­nif­i­cent bod­ies of beef” and “all fil­let steak”, while the pen of eight steers (pic­tured) were sim­i­larly im­pres­sive. This pen sold for 265c/kg at an aver­age weight of 351.9kg to gross the ven­dor $932.47/head. The of­fer­ing was sold by Ray Dono­van Stock and Sta­tion Agents.

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