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RE­PORT week end­ing Oc­to­ber 19.

Good rain­fall on the eastern seaboard re­sulted in a re­duced yard­ing of 330 head.

Young cat­tle dom­i­nated the yard­ing with a small num­ber of cows on of­fer as well as bul­locks and bulls.

The yard­ing con­sisted of mixed con­di­tion cat­tle how­ever, there were sev­eral pens of well fin­ished sup­ple­men­tary fed cat­tle on of­fer.

All cat­e­gories of cat­tle im­proved in price, where veal­ers topped at 294.2c/kg re­al­is­ing $1,019.16 for B&C Ac­tive.

Year­ling heifers made to 278.2c/kg, mak­ing $1,158.44 for pro­ducer Mal­colm Camp­bell while year­ling steers topped at 266.2c/kg and sold by Neil Yates.

Santa gertrudis cross cows made to 258.2c/kg, mak­ing $1,402.89 for pro­duc­ers FCF Part­ner­ship.


THERE was a slight re­duc­tion in num­bers, but most cat­e­gories were sim­i­lar to last week.

Again, a lim­ited pen­ning of grain as­sisted cat­tle in the of­fer­ing.

Trends im­proved through­out the pen­ning, with strong com­pe­ti­tion ex­pe­ri­enced in the feeder cat­tle.

All the reg­u­lar op­er­a­tors, pro­ces­sors, feed­ers and re­stock­ers were present and com­peted strongly.

There were no wean­ers to quote, how­ever, year­ling steers to feed saw ris­ing trends of 12c to 25c, while re­stock­ers op­er­ated on the light weight steers to post in­creases of over 50c/kg.

Heifer year­lings re­sponded with in­creases of 23c for re­stocker types and up to 40c/kg dearer on feed­ers.

Trade year­lings also saw dearer trends.

Grown steers saw dearer trends of 30c and grown heifers to the trade saw ris­ing trends of 16c/kg, with the bet­ter qual­ity cat­e­gories hav­ing a big bear­ing on the out­come.

Plainer cows saw sub­stan­tial in­creases, with re­stock­ers com­pet­ing strongly on the light drafts.

Medium weight two score cows were also dearer, up to 30c/kg. Well fin­ished 3 and 4 score cows saw dearer trends of 8c to 11c/kg.

A qual­ity pen­ning of bulls saw that cat­e­gory sell, to trends of 14c/kg dearer.


NUM­BERS in­creased fol­low­ing last week’s rain re­duced of­fer­ing.

The re­cent up­turn in prices draw­ing more cat­tle onto the mar­ket.

Year­lings made up the bulk of the pen­ning, fol­lowed by cows and then grown heifers.

The qual­ity of the of­fer­ing var­ied as did con­di­tion.

There were quite a few year­lings that had ac­cess to a grain sup­ple­ment and showed vary­ing de­grees of fin­ish. The usual pro­ces­sors at­tended and re­stock­ers were par­tic­u­larly ac­tive.

Steers were keenly sought af­ter.

Boosted by re­stocker con­fi­dence mar­ket trends through the young cat­tle were dearer and sub­stan­tially so through the steer por­tion.

Any neg­a­tives in price change were qual­ity and breed re­lated. Light weight steers, both veal­ers and year­lings, were up to 40c/kg dearer.

The steers show­ing lit­tle price im­prove­ment were of a lessor qual­ity. Light, medium and heavy weight year­ling steers suit­able to feed fol­lowed a sim­i­lar trend, up to 40c/kg dearer where re­stock­ers also com­peted strongly.

Year­ling heifers also sold to dearer trends, al­though the im­prove­ments were not as great.

The big im­prove­ments were seen ear­lier. Feeder heifers were up to 10c/kg dearer.

Well fin­ished heifers suit­able to the trade sold on a firm to dearer trend, with some qual­ity re­lated price change.

There were too few well fin­ished heavy grown steers to quote. Well fin­ished grown heifers saw a firm to dearer mar­ket trend, up to 8c/kg.

The cow mar­ket ex­pe­ri­enced dearer trends of 20c/kg and more in places. The neg­a­tives in the price change were qual­ity re­lated, with the in­crease in sup­ply af­fect­ing av­er­age qual­ity.


NUM­BERS re­mained steady with more rain across the draw­ing ar­eas. Year­ling and cows made up the bulk of the of­fer­ing, with lim­ited sup­plies through the other cat­e­gories. There was a large num­ber of plain con­di­tion young cat­tle, al­though those show­ing bet­ter con­di­tion were also in fair num­bers.

The usual buy­ers at­tended, how­ever not all or­ders were utilised due to the lack of suit­able cat­tle in some of the cat­e­gories.

Re­stock­ing or­ders, re­vi­talised by a change in colour on the ground, were strong, with price show­ing ex­tra­or­di­nary im­prove­ments in places. Cat­tle suit­able to pro­ces­sors also at­tracted strong de­mand.

The keen de­mand from re­stock­ers re­sulted in dearer trends through­out the young cat­tle classes.

There were some qual­ity re­lated price changes that did not re­flect the na­ture of the mar­ket. Light weight steers, re­gard­less of mus­cle and con­di­tion scores, saw a trend that was 20c to 50c dearer and more in places, go­ing much as 100c/kg dearer in some cases.

The heifer por­tion also sold to dearer trends, al­though price im­prove­ments were not as great.

Medium and heavy year­lings steers suit­able to the feed­lot or­ders ex­pe­ri­enced strong gains, while again the heifer por­tion was less af­fected.

Strong price gains were ex­pe­ri­enced for all classes in the cow mar­ket.

Medium weight 1 and 2 score cows saw a dearer trend of 20c to 40c/kg, with quite a vari­a­tion in both weight and es­ti­mated yield po­ten­tial.

The well fin­ished cows saw av­er­age prices im­prove by 15c to 22c, with the mar­ket trend up to 21c/kg dearer.


DE­SPITE ben­e­fi­cial rain­fall over the past two weeks, there was an in­crease in num­bers.

Young cat­tle made up the bulk of the of­fer­ing, with cows also in fair num­bers.

The con­di­tion of the of­fer­ing was plain for the most part and qual­ity was very mixed.

The usual pro­ces­sors were op­er­at­ing, how­ever there were very few cat­tle to suit. Re­stocker in­flu­ence was high.

De­mand for cat­tle re­turn­ing to the pad­dock in­creased dra­mat­i­cally, with lit­tle re­gard shown for qual­ity or con­di­tion. Weight also played lit­tle part in de­ci­sions.

Mar­ket trends through the vealer and year­ling cat­tle were much dearer, with some ex­treme sales recorded.

They were not back to the high lev­els of the past, al­though some sales were not far off. The bet­ter qual­ity year­ling steers trended as much as 20c/kg dearer.

The bet­ter qual­ity year­ling heifers suit­able to feed were as much as 40c/kg dearer.


GOOD PRICES: Year­ling heifers made to 278.2c/kg at the Casino sa­le­yards late last week.

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