Im­proved num­bers in Casino this week with steers mak­ing 320c/kg


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NRLX saw an in­crease in num­bers at the Wed­nes­day sale, with 897 head of veal­ers and year­lings dom­i­nat­ing the mar­ket, and the bal­ance of 234 head made up of all other cat­e­gories. De­mand was strong for re stocker veal­ers, while less trade veal­ers were pre­sented and prices were slightly down on the pre­vi­ous week. Year­ling steers were up slightly also.

Cows made up the ma­jor­ity of the ex­port yard­ing, where prices re­mained sim­i­lar.

Top price for the year­ling steers was 298.2c/kg with pro­ducer David Don­ald­son top­ping the mar­ket at $1,043.70 and year­ling heifers made to 295.0c/kg with the best of the year­ling heifers sold by Grif­fiths S andTough Scott for $1,120.

Veal­ers made to 312.2c/kg, where 1 head sold be Bev Smith made $1,123.92.

Best of the cows made to $255.2c/kg with pro­ducer IM Hewet­son Pty Ltd mak­ing $1,607.82, be­ing the top price.

Bull prices were sim­i­lar to last week top­ping at 246.2c/kg, with the top priced bull go­ing to Brown D and Sivewright Sarah for $2,008.60.

Ge­orge & Fuhrmann held their Novem­ber store sale on Fri­day, where 1,154 head were sold. The sale was sup­ported by lo­cal pro­duc­ers as well as buy­ers from other ar­eas of NSW and Queens­land.

Prices were con­sis­tent for the qual­ity of cat­tle on of­fer, where a line of santa gertrudis cross cows and calves made $1,700 and sell­ing by Wel­batch Pty Ltd. Heifers made to 253.2c/kg, with a line of four an­gus heifers sold for $1,300 for pro­ducer Shane Adams.

While to steers made to 323.2c/kg, the top priced steers were sold by B&C Ac­tive for $1,438.03.


200 cat­tle were sold at the Lis­more Sa­le­yards on Tues­day.

Qual­ity was mixed with some very good cows, veal­ers and steers along with plain wean­ers and mickey bulls.

Prices were sim­i­lar to slightly cheaper than re­cent weeks. Heavy beef cows sold from $2.10 to $2.32 kg with Peter Wi­blen’s here­ford cross top­ping at $1510.

Heavy dairy cows sold from $1.98 to $2.34/kg for Tom Grif­fin’s Friesian $1452.

Medium cows sold from $1.40 to $2/kg.

Prime heavy veal­ers ranged from $2.54 to $2.68/kg.

Most medium and light veal­ers sold from $2.30 to $2.44/kg. Bully veal­ers sold from $1.50 to $2.20/kg.


250 cat­tle yarded at Grafton on Tues­day, Novem­ber 13. The mar­ket for grown cat­tle was a shade eas­ier with bul­locks sell­ing to 270c/kg and cows to 245c/kg. Veal­ers also sold a touch softer with most sales be­tween 210c/kg and 245c/kg.

G R & J A Pigg bul­locks sold to 270c/kg weighed 586kg to re­turn $1583.

Bill Pa­tricks feeder steers sold to 294c/kg weighed 488kg to re­turn $1401.

Wayne Pear­son heifers sold to 251c/kg weighed 424kg to re­turn $1061.

Jikero Part­ner­ship cows sold to 245c/kg weighed 630kg to re­turn $1544.

Mrs I M Bai­ley cows sold to 242c/kg weighed 533kg to re­turn $1280.

John Sher­a­ton cows sold to 235c/kg weighed 480kg to re­turn $1115.

B T & L A Duck veal­ers sold to 250/kg weighed 290kg to re­turn $720.

R & J A Reid veal­ers sold to 245c/kg weighed 258kg to re­turn $631.

A P S & K S Short veal­ers sold to 245c/kg weighed 270kg to re­turn $654.

Mrs MA Bourke sold a brah­man cross bul­lock 260c/kg weighed 765kg $1,989.

KJ Adams & JM King sold a brah­man cross cow 240c/kg weighed 685kg - $1,644.

LAD In­vest­ments Pty Ltd sold brah­man Cows 238.2c/kg av­er­aged 532.5kg - $1,268.42.

CO Austen and Sons sold bran­gus Cows 245.2c/kg av­er­aged 580kg - $1,422.16.

AJ, PJ & RJ Matthews sold an­gus cross cows 245.2c/kg av­er­aged 552.2kg $1,354.73.

SJ, PM & RD Ellem sold an an­gus bull 243.2c/kg weighed 775kg - $1,884.80.

Brad John­son sold a brah­man bull 246.2c/kg weighed 725kg - $1,784.95

MF & KL McLen­nan sold an­gus steers 300c/kg av­er­aged 368.3kg - $1,105.

Fri­day Creek Re­treat sold an an­gus cross steer 290.2c/kg weighed 340kg - $986.68.

McGrath Cat­tle Com­pany sold an­gus and bran­gus heifers 245.2c/kg av­er­aged 248kg - $608.10.

PH & GJ Bal­lard sold drought­mas­ter vealer heifers 245c/kg av­er­aged 232.5kg $569.63.

CO Austen & Sons were se­lected as the ven­dor of the week at Tues­day’s Grafton Prime Cat­tle Sale. The ven­dor sold a to­tal of 12 head off their fer­tile prop­erty on Lawrence Rd. The best of the of­fer­ing were the three bran­gus cows (pic­tured), which topped the cow mar­ket at 245.2c/kg. These large cows av­er­aged 580kg to gross the ven­dor $1,422.16/head. The of­fer­ing was sold by Ray Dono­van Stock and Sta­tion Agents.

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