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THE num­bers dou­bled, with the de­ci­sion to off­load at the fore­front.

Veal­ers and year­lings were well sup­plied, while cows were in fair num­bers.

The qual­ity of the of­fer­ing was fair to good, while con­di­tion was on the leaner side.

There were a num­ber of lines of very good qual­ity year­lings and veal­ers suit­able to re­stock and feed.

Most of the reg­u­lar buy­ers at­tended.

Both re­stock­ers and lot­feed­ers were ac­tive through the young cat­tle, with mar­ket trends vary­ing from the pre-Christ­mas mar­ket.

The in­creased num­bers also brought about some qual­ity vari­a­tions.

Veal­ers pur­chased by re­stock­ers sold to cheaper trends, with the best lots up to 10c cheaper in the steers and 5c/kg on the heifers.

Light weight year­ling steers sold on a firm to cheaper trend, how­ever there was some im­prove­ment in qual­ity.

Medium and heavy weight feeder steers also sold to a cheaper trend.

Light­weight year­ling heifers to re­stock and feed sold to a dearer trend.

Medium-weight heifers sold to cheaper trends.

There was not much dif­fer­ence in price be­tween the well bred but mod­er­ately mus­cled and bet­ter mus­cled young cat­tle deemed suit­able to sup­ple­men­tary feed.

Well-fin­ished grown heifers at­tracted in­creased pro­ces­sor de­mand, re­sult­ing in 3 scores show­ing a dearer trend.

The usual pro­ces­sors, along with ex­tra re­stocker com­pe­ti­tion saw the cow mar­ket sell to a dearer trend than the last mar­ket.

The best of the heavy weights sold as much as 13c/kg dearer.

THERE were 260 cat­tle sold at the Lis­more sa­le­yards on Tues­day.

Most cat­e­gories sold on a par with pre-Christ­mas rates, how­ever weaner steers were an ex­cep­tion sell­ing cheaper.

Heavy cows sold from $2.05 to $2.32/kg.

A here­ford cow sold on be­half of the Brown and Sivewright part­ner­ship re­turned $1453, and the Green­halgh fam­ily’s here­ford cross $1437.

The McKin­non fam­ily’s brah­man cross cows sold for $1457.

Medium cows sold pretty well for $1.50–$1.80/kg.

Prime veal­ers sold to meat op­er­a­tors and butch­ers reached $2.10–$2.55/kg.

Most light­weight heifers and cross­bred steers sold for $1.75–$2.20/kg.

This Satur­day the first store cat­tle sale of the year will be held at the Lis­more sa­le­yards from 10am.

THERE were 191 head yarded at Grafton Fat Cat­tle Sale.

The first sale back for 2019 saw a light yard­ing of mixed qual­ity cat­tle.

Most cat­e­gories were well rep­re­sented, and the trend was sim­i­lar to the end of last year.

Cat­tle with weight and qual­ity sold well while light or lesser qual­ity stock were hard to shift.

Most of the usual buy­ers were in at­ten­dance.

DG & BJ Scott sold brah­man cross bul­locks 250c/kg av­er­aged 723.3kg – $1808.

Matt Coll­man sold charo­lais cross steers 296.2c/kg av­er­aged 446.7kg – $1323.

GV & DM Gil­mour sold an­gus cross cows 225c/kg av­er­aged 592.5kg – $1333.

LJ & AJ Abra­ham sold bran­gus cross cows 230c/kg av­er­aged 532.5kg – $1224.

VK & NJ Ellem sold charo­lais cross vealer steers 284.2c/kg av­er­aged 310kg – $881.

GV & DM Gil­mour sold an­gus vealer steers 292.2c/kg av­er­aged 227.5kg – $664.

RK Gau­dron & SM Cos­grove sold a drought­mas­ter cross vealer steer 250c/kg weighed 280kg – $700.

KCJ In­gram sold a bran­gus cross vealer 250c/kg weighed 265kg – $662.

INVERELL num­bers in­creased by 296 head for the first sale of 2019.

The pen­ning con­sisted of good num­bers of qual­ity feeder cat­tle, and a very good se­lec­tion of cows.

All the reg­u­lar pro­ces­sors at­tended and op­er­ated, as well as feeder op­er­a­tors north and south of the bor­der, bid­ding with con­fi­dence.

Lim­ited veal­ers and wean­ers saw re­stricted de­mand, sell­ing to cheaper trends of 8c/kg, and more in places for lesser qual­ity drafts.

Light feeder steers ex­pe­ri­enced dearer trends of 3c, while re­stock­ers and back­grounder in­ter­est saw an in­crease of 8c/kg.

Medium weight steers saw firm trends.

Year­ling heifers to feed sold to dearer trends of 10c, and trade op­er­a­tors in­creased those cat­e­gories by 5c/kg.

Light cows sold to firm trends, while well fin­ished, high yield­ing cows saw an in­crease of 13c/kg.

A mixed qual­ity bull of­fer­ing saw trends cheaper than last sale, sell­ing to 233c/kg.

TAM­WORTH ex­pe­ri­enced a re­duced pen­ning of 635 mixed qual­ity cat­tle, 315 less, for the first sale of 2019, with no sale for the past three weeks.

Young cat­tle saw a ma­jor re­duc­tion, with a qual­ity vari­a­tion cul­mi­nat­ing in cheaper trends through­out.

Cow num­bers were sim­i­lar to be­fore Christ­mas with the bet­ter fin­ished cows and the lighter end of the re­stocker types see­ing slightly dearer trends.

Heavy trade year­lings saw slightly dearer trends of 9c/kg.

Light heifers to feed saw frac­tion­ally cheaper trends, al­though av­er­ages for medium weight feed­ers were slightly dearer, that rise at­trib­uted to the sec­ondary drafts sell­ing to dearer trends of 7c/kg.

Light re­stocker cows saw dearer trends, while medium trade cows saw in­creases of 10c/kg.

Top cow av­er­ages saw those cat­e­gories slightly dearer, up 4c be­fore Christ­mas, sell­ing to 224c/kg, to av­er­age from 212c to 219c/kg.

A very lim­ited bull pen­ning saw the best bulls mak­ing to 224c/kg.

THE sup­ply of stock re­mained close to the pre-Christ­mas sale at 964 head.

Young cat­tle were in the largest num­bers, along with a rea­son­able sam­ple of cows.

A fair panel of buy­ers was present and op­er­at­ing with rep­re­sen­ta­tives cov­er­ing all classes.

Young cat­tle gen­er­ally sold to fair com­pe­ti­tion for the qual­ity penned how­ever cows ex­pe­ri­enced a dearer trend com­pared to the close of last year.

A small sam­ple of vealer steers sold to lo­cal butch­ers at 297.2c, while the vealer heifers made to 290c to av­er­age 284c/kg. Light­weight year­ling steers re­turned to the paddock at an av­er­age of 279c, with some 296.2c/kg.

The best of the medium weight year­ling steers to feed made to 303.2c, to av­er­age 292c, with the largest num­bers around 280c/kg.


SARO Pas­toral, of Cop­man­hurst, was se­lected as the ven­dor of the week at the first Grafton prime cat­tle sale for 2019. The ven­dor sold 25 cull-for-age cows and two large heifers on an im­prov­ing mar­ket. The heifers achieved a nar­row top for the ven­dor at 223.2c/kg, while a pen of 10 cows (pic­tured) sold for 220.2c/kg at an av­er­age weight of 472.5kg to gross $1,040.45/head. The of­fer­ing was sold by Far­rell McCro­hon Stock and Sta­tion Agents.

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