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1 They’re all dressed up to kill, lean on the win­dowsill/ Look­ing your way with eyes of fire/ But don’t you slip don’t you slip/ In love with the girls on the av­enue 2 We’re up all night ‘til the sun/ We’re up all night to get some/ We’re up all night for good fun/

3 I’ve fallen in love/ I’ve fallen in love for the first time/ And this time I know it’s for real/ I’ve fallen in love, yeah/ God knows, God knows I’ve fallen in love

4 Come with me/ And you’ll be in a world of pure imag­i­na­tion

5 I have climbed the high­est moun­tains/ I have run through the fields/ Only to be with you/ Only to be with you/ I have run, I have crawled/ I have scaled these city walls 6 Let’s go out­side havin’ nothin’ to hide for free/ Can’t seem to see the for­est from the trees/ Grass is al­ways greener but how do you know we’ll see we’ll see/ Can’t get started 7 Honey, it kills me, the ra­dio si­lence/ I never saw us here/ In a world where our lips are sealed/ It’s harder to heal

8 You’re the an­a­lyst/ The fun­gus in my milk/ When you want no-one/ And you got some­one/ Through the wind you crawl/ And laugh at burn­ing dunes/ When no-one else will ev­ersee

9 Fool’s gold, shin­ing in the night, so easy on the eyes/ Fool’s gold, how many times do I have to re­alise? 10 Too many bro­ken hearts have fallen in the river/ Too many lonely souls have drifted out to sea/ You lay your bets and then you pay the


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