The Observer - - SUPER QUIZ -

1 When­ever I touch your slow turn­ing pain/ You’re hid­ing from me now/ There’s some­thing in the way that you’re talk­ing

2 Now you cut your­self off from your friends/ It’s not just a per­son­al­ity thing/ It’s ‘cause you’re still so afraid of what is on a plane/You’ve been dream­ing about it again

3 I’m so 3008, you so 2000 and late/ I got that boom boom boom/ That fu­ture boom boom boom

4 It’s not re­ally work, it’s just the power to charm/ I’m still stand­ing in the wind/ But I never wave bye bye/ But I try, I try

5 And I’ve got a new apart­ment baby/ The in­te­rior color is red/

And my only friend is my stereo re­ceiver/ Play­ing my fa­vorite song all night long, ahh

6 Deep-sea div­ing ‘round the clock, bikini bot­toms, lager tops/ I could get used to this

7 Never cared for what they do/ Never cared for what they know/ But I know/ I never opened my­self this way/ Life is ours, we live it our way

8 Mama said ful­fill the prophecy, be some­thing greater, go make a le­gacy, manifest des­tiny

9 You got the money, I got the time, noth­ing bet­ter to do, so you might just change my mind

10 From where I stand you are home free/ The plan­ets align so rare, there’s prom­ise in the air

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