The Queensland Times - - WEEKEND - COM­PILED BY: ROY O’REILLY

1. The long­est river in the North­ern Ter­ri­tory is the (a) Queens­land

(b) Tas­ma­nia (c) Vic­to­ria?

2. On the TV quiz show Mil­lion­aire Hot Seat, the win­ner of the fastest fin­ger seg­ment re­ceives (a) $10 (b) $100 (c) $1000?

3. Are cerulean and peri­win­kle shades of blue or red?

4. Which 36-year-old Perth Scorchers and for­mer Test fast bowler re­cently an­nounced his re­tire­ment from all forms of cricket?

5. Which drink is pro­moted as “per­me­ate-free”?

6. Name the com­pass point 180 de­grees from north-north­west.

7. “And it’s too late, baby now, it’s too late. Though we re­ally did try to make it, some­thin’ in­side has died and I can’t hide,” are lyrics from which song?

8. Who played Daisy Duke in the 2005 movie The Dukes of Haz­zard?

9. What is the term for a boxer who leads with the right hand?

10. Which sub­stance causes bread to rise dur­ing the bak­ing process?

11. In his re­cent au­to­bi­og­ra­phy, which for­mer North Queens­land Cow­boys star told how he spent a night in jail do­ing pushups on a cold con­crete floor to keep warm?

12. Do po­lar bears live in the north­ern or south­ern hemi­sphere?

13. Be­gin­ning with “c”, what is the seven-let­ter col­lec­tive term for cats? 14. Is sul­phuric acid colour­less or green?

15. A $1 Aus­tralian postage stamp was re­cently is­sued to cel­e­brate which race­horse’s 26th con­sec­u­tive win?

16. The re­cent movie Work­ing Class Boy told the story of which Aus­tralian rock icon?

17. Wowan is in which Aus­tralian state/ter­ri­tory?

18. What is the term for the gam­ing ta­ble de­vice for hold­ing mul­ti­ple decks of play­ing cards?

19. At the age of 67 in 1979, which US star be­came the youngest PGA Tour golfer to shoot his age?

20. Which US gang­ster hated his nick­name “Scar­face” and pre­ferred “Snorky”, a name given by his friends, be­cause of his rep­u­ta­tion as a snappy dresser?

21. For­mer Aus­tralian prime min­is­ter John Gor­ton was a class­mate at Syd­ney’s Shore School of which Hol­ly­wood star?

22. Name the cav­alry formed by Oliver Cromwell dur­ing the English Civil War.

23. After the Hiroshima, Ch­er­nobyl and Fukushima nu­clear dis­as­ters, fields of which flower were planted to help ab­sorb toxic met­als and ra­di­a­tion from the soil?

24. The name of a 1945 Rus­sell Drys­dale paint­ing comes from the ti­tle of which 1892 Henry Law­son story?

25. In the 1993 movie The Pi­ano, who played mute Scotswoman Ada Mc­Grath who is sold by her fa­ther into mar­riage to a New Zealand fron­tiers­man?


1. (c) Vic­to­ria River. 2. (c) $1000. 3. Blue. 4. Mitchell John­son. 5. Milk. 6. South­south­east. 7. It’s Too Late. 8. Jes­sica Simp­son. 9. South­paw. 10. Yeast. 11. Johnathan Thurston. 12. North­ern hemi­sphere. 13. Clow­der. (also clut­ter). 14. Colour­less. 15. Winx. 16. Jimmy Barnes. 17. Queens­land. 18. Shoe. 19. Sam Snead. 20. Al Capone. 21. Er­rol Flynn. 22. Iron­side. 23. Sun­flower. 24. The Drover’s Wife. 25. Holly Hunter.

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