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MARATHON runner Brady Threlfall was elevated to rock star status at his most recent race in Japan — and he wants more.

The rising long distance star is just home after running the Nobeoka marathon in 2.21:41, his second best time over the 42.2km.

But it was his treatment pre-race that has seriously whetted his appetite for the big time.

“It was just amazing,” Threlfall said. “One day I was teaching primary school students in Tongala and the next I was being interviewe­d live on Japanese TV by that country’s equivalent of Karl Stefanovic,” he said.

“And my interprete­r got an even bigger kick out of it than me — after the interview finished he got flooded with texts and messages from around Japan by friends who had seen him with me.

“The effect all this has on your adrenaline is incredible; there were posters up around town with my picture, and the other top Japanese runners.”

Threlfall said there was even a major function the night before with the Japanese runners and himself hit with spotlights and getting endless applause.

But he admitted with a grin the Japanese might have overestima­ted the invited Australian runner — the only non-Japanese in the field.

“The top 12 or 14 guys all had better times than me, some of their half- marathon times were sizzling compared with mine,” he admitted.

“It was great to be representi­ng Australia but I have to admit I felt a little bit out of my league when I first got there.”

But that all changed when the race began.

This was the first marathon Threlfall had run since a massive overhaul of his nutritiona­l plan in partnershi­p with Monash University.

After testing his cardio capacity on the treadmill they started measuring everything, from his lactates to his sweat. And they almost immediatel­y diagnosed the problem causing Threlfall’s marathons to fall apart in the final five to six kilometres.

“My carb management was wrong,” Threlfall said.

“I wasn’t even carb loading properly in the days running up to a marathon, I guess these are the little one percenters you learn,” he said. all

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