El­liott bowls over the com­pe­ti­tion

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ECHUCA 197 ECHUCA SOUTH L Harbin­son c C Rus­sell b S Mad­dox

.. .. .. .. .. .. 19 B Eade c R Jones b M Hinks 1 L Thomp­son not out .. .. 82 S Mar­shall lbw b S Mad­dox 0 K Hod­son b S Mad­dox .. 1 C Uys lbw b C Rus­sell .. 3 J Toll c S Hon b A Den­nis .. 16 J Stephens b A Den­nis .. 0 T Mor­phett run out .. .. 0 A Good lbw b J Pre­ston .. 6 J Lar­combe c C Rus­sell b N Dolan 3 Ex­tras (nb 2, w 0, b 0, lb 2) 4 TO­TAL 135 Overs 64.4 FOW: 9 (B Eade) 28 (L Harbin­son) 34 (S Mar­shall) 42 (K Hod­son) Bowl­ing M Hinks 6.0-1-1-15, C Rus­sell 4.0-2-0-11, S Mad­dox 4.0-1-3-9, R Jones 2.0-0-0-9.

2nd IN­NINGS ECHUCA Ex­tras (nb 0, w 1, b 1, lb 0) FOUR wkts Overs 19.2 Bowl­ing: J Toll 5.0-2-2-16, K Hod­son 2 63 Toss won by Ky Fire Brigade, to bat

TONGALA D Ohlsen c M Mat­tingly b S O’Brien

.. .. .. .. .. .. 7 J Garde c, b M Mat­tingly .. 27 D Coombs b D Shaw .. .. 12 C Thomp­son c J El­liott b D Shaw 0 A Nunn b D Shaw .. .. 8 J Tucker c J El­liott b T Hol­man 10 C Clay­ton c T Hol­man b M Mat­tingly

.. .. .. .. .. .. 32 E Gil­lie c R Thom­son b T Hol­man 5 L Shen­field not out .. .. 11 M Owen c, b M De Villers .. 2 L Hughes b S O’Brien .. .. 1 Ex­tras (nb 2, w 8, b 1, lb 1) 12 TO­TAL 127 Overs 44.1 FOW: 10 (D Ohlsen) 50 (D Coombs) 50 (C Thomp­son) 60 (J Garde) 62 (A Nunn) 83 (J Tucker) 92 (E Gil­lie) 120 (CJ Clay­ton) 126 (M Owen) 127 (L Hughes) Bowl­ing: B Unwin 9.0-0-0-38, S O’Brien 6.1-1-2-15, M Mat­tingly 9.0-2-2-18, D Shaw 9.0-2-3-19, T Hol­man 8.0-2-2-22, M De Villers 3.0-0-1-13.

KYABRAM FIRE BRIGADE J El­liott lbw b D Ohlsen .. 28 M De Villers c L Hughes b A Nunn29 D Shaw c C Clay­ton b D Ohlsen 18 B Lan­g­ley c C Clay­ton b D Ohlsen 8 D Kent not out .. .. .. 37 R Thom­son c J Garde b D Coombs 0 M Mat­tingly not out .. .. 4 Ex­tras (nb 0, w 6, b 0, lb 2) 8 FIVE wkts 132 ON A day where the bowlers dom­i­nated in the GMC, Darcy El­liott stole the show for Moama.

Af­ter his bats­man set the team up with 314 on the open­ing day be­fore Satur­day, Moama looked to be in a good position to force a re­sult out of BLU.

And it did ex­actly that, com­ing close to forc­ing a sec­ond in­nings vic­tory by tak­ing 18 wick­ets in one day of play on Satur­day, with El­liott the chief de­stroyer with eight for him­self.

It started when BLU was 1/4, El­liott dis­miss­ing Joseph Hamil­ton for a duck.

James McPhee, Luke Deep­rose and Shan­non Bish would find them­selves mem­bers of El­liott’s wicket haul, all with­out trou­bling the scor­ers.

But it wasn’t just the new men to the crease that El­liott re­moved.

Nathan Neville was the top scorer for his BLU side, scor­ing freely to get to 54 be­fore El­liott dis­missed him as well.

Ja­son Turner was the fi­nal line of re­sis­tance for BLU, scor­ing 42.

He was the fi­nal man dis­missed, as El­liott com­pleted the job with stun­ning fig­ures of 6/29.

BLU was skit­tled for just 107, and barely had time to as­sess the dam­age be­fore they faced down El­liott and a new ball.

With the op­por­tu­nity to set up his team for a much needed sec­ond in­nings vic­tory, El­liott struck with the Overs 25.1 FOW: 54 (M De Villers) 64 (J El­liott) 79 (D Shaw) 96 (B Lan­g­ley) 103 (R Thom­son) Bowl­ing A Nunn 7.0-1-1-35, L Hughes 3.0-1-0-21, D Ohlsen 9.0-1-3-34, E Gil­lie 2.0-0-0-11, D Coombs 4.0-0-1-25, C Thomp­son 0.1-0-0-4.

B-GRADE Rochester Gold d Tongala Rochester Gold 209 (N Mar­rone 55 C Wil­liams 46 G Moroney 35 M Ohlsen 6-49 C McMul­lan 2-50) d Tongala 103 (H Hoop­pell 4-24 J Cut­triss 3-15 N O’Con­nor 2-12). Rochester Blue lt North­ern United Rochester Blue 126 (D Hol­gate 6-28) lt North­ern United 9-204cc (H Shirley 55no A Thomp­son 52 L Henson 35 K Wa­ters 4-38 W Ge­orge 2-26).

BLU d Stan­hope BLU 8-153cc (B McPhee 48 J Hol­loway 33no C Em­mett 4-25 T Hep­burn 3-29) d Stan­hope 104 (S Hall 47 D Thomp­son 6-17 Z John­ston 2-29).

Kyabram Fire Brigade v Echuca Kyabram Fire Brigade 240 (R Busch 54 J Gas­coyne 52 T Watts 43 C Carver 33 K Ho­gan 3-40 J Evans 2-31 R Var­coe 2-33) v Echuca 89 (J Chapman 6-20 R Busch 2-5).

Cooma d Moama Cooma 291 (B Bell 186 B Squires 38 C McGre­gor 3-86 E Burns 2-22) d Moama 157 (J John 39no J Dixon 31 C McGre­gor 30 S Spicer 4-23 X Fawcett 2-26 S Barba­gallo 2-48).

Echuca South lt Gir­garre Echuca South 114 (L Diss 32 R Fe­bey 5-25 A Med­hurst 3-18) lt Gir­garre 9-182dec (L Kempin­ski 34 J Mor­ris 30 first ball of the in­nings, dis­miss­ing Josh Cairns for a golden duck.

He also dis­missed Cairns’ open­ing part­ner Neville for the sec­ond time that day not long af­ter.

Only two play­ers in BLU’s sec­ond in­nings passed dou­ble fig­ures, McPhee mak­ing 27 and Deep­rose un­beaten on 29 at the close of play.

Fin­ish­ing the day at 8/82, BLU avoided the sec­ond in­nings loss, but was highly dis­ap­pointed with its over­all per­for­mance.

With four play­ers scor­ing dou­ble fig­ures across the two in­nings, a stag­ger­ing nine bats­men were dis­missed on the day with­out trou­bling the scor­ers.

El­liott closed the match 8/60 off R Fe­bey 28 M Coyne 28 D Hen­der­son 3-30 L Diss 2-8 H Thomp­son 2-31).

C-GRADE Stan­hope d Cooma Stan­hope 8-238cc ( B Stokes 63 J Fisher 62 M Pat­ten 45no T Tur­vey 2-40 K Briggs 2-40) d Cooma 4-174cc (R French 62no L Bam­ford-Phillis 28 A New­man 2-27).

Rochester lt Rush­worth Rochester 25 (R Han­son 4-2 S Jar­rett 2-1 K Dear­ing 2-12) lt Rush­worth 1-38.

BLU lt Kyabram Fire Brigade BLU 85 (M Hamil­ton 42 L Davies 4-17 T Curnow 2-16 M Mott 2-21) lt Kyabram Fire Brigade 3-91 (B Boal Ryan 33 B Mundie 2-17).

Moama d North­ern United Moama 9-189cc (G Al­bert 75 C Hearn 3-25 J Vesty 3-25 J Mitchel­hill 2-24) d North­ern United 8-163cc (C Hearn 32 L Bon­nett 26 N McKen­ner 2-30 S Keam 2-33).

Echuca d Echuca South Echuca 0-23 d Echuca South 10 (A Carlile 3-1 O Miller 3-5 J Ma­her 2-2). Gir­garre drew Echuca Green

D-GRADE Rush­worth lt Moama Rush­worth lost on for­feit. Tongala lt Kyabram Fire Brigade Tongala 93 (B Cald­well 36 S Flem­ing 3-17 N Mack­i­son 3-29 B Carver 2-14) lt Kyabram Fire Brigade 6-164cc (T Dunne 53no A Stock­dale 51no S Tucker 2-26).

Cooma lt BLU Cooma 106 (J Pearse 3-20 S Hib­ber­son 2-10 J Felm­ing­ham 2-30) lt BLU 135 (E Bish 47 C Pearse 38 N An­gelino 4-23 S Burt 3-21). 24.3 overs in one of the best bowl­ing per­for­mances of the season. ■ In other re­sults of the day, Kyabram Fire Brigade moved within strik­ing dis­tance of top spot in a one-day match with top-placed Tongala.

Daniel Kent made an un­beaten 37 as the Flames chased down Tonny’s 127 in just 25.1 overs. ■ There may be some teething prob­lems with the new Tongala side, but lo­cal vet­eran Dy­lan Cut­triss is show­ing no signs of need­ing to ad­just.

Cut­triss fin­ished with five wick­ets to go with his 33 with the bat, mov­ing to 14 wick­ets for the season.

Rochester over­came a poor per­for­mance with the bat the pre­vi­ous week to beat Cooma by 19 runs.

Luke He­mer

FAST BOWL: Darcy El­liott of Moama. Pho­tos:

TOP SCORER: Nathan Neville of BLU.

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