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Democrats eye rural voters for political revival


The Australian Democrats are looking to achieve a political comeback by setting up new branches in rural areas of the country.

The Australian Democrats are working across Australia to establish branches in rural areas, with an end goal to field candidates in all states.

A national call to action was launched at the weekend as the Democrats aim to reinstate themselves as Australia’s most successful minor party.

Establishe­d in 1977, the party had senators for more than 30 years.

The Democrats held the balance of power in the senate from 1980 to 2004, and sole balance of power for 13 years of that time.

That’s longer than any other minor party in Australia’s history.

The party was deregister­ed in 2015, after 38 years, but continued to exist as an organisati­on. It regained federal registrati­on in 2019, after just four years in the wilderness. Today, the party’s membership is the highest it has been in 10 years, and is still growing.

The Democrats’ aim now is to become the party that represents rural Australia. The party has establishe­d policies specific to sustainabl­e agricultur­e and management of climate change, based on scientific evidence and best practice.

The party wants to add to that policy by hearing what local communitie­s need.

If you are interested in helping to form a local branch in your town or shire, send your expression of interest to

To join the party, visit

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